Saturday, August 23, 2014

Alex's New Direction For High School - NorthStar / UNR

Song:  Serenata Immortale (with translation)

Group:  Immediate Music

Alex and I are waiting in line to pay for his class fees at the University of Nevada Reno.

My wife had found a math class for Alex to take for the Fall semester at UNR.

He will be taking Linear Algebra starting this Monday
(although he had already taken this course at home on line...
and had gotten an 'A' in was not from an accredited on line source).

We often do this with Alex's major courses.
He will take them online ahead of actually taking them at school
(all throughout his school years...from elementary school on up...
he had taken courses at home at least a year ahead 
of when he was scheduled to officially take them...
and some times...many years ahead).

We always strive to keep him ahead of the curve...
so, this course at the University will actually be a review class for him
(however, as he keeps taking higher and higher levels of math...
it will be difficult for us to find such courses available on line).

I had pulled Alex out of school early so we could take care of his registration at UNR... 
and so he could fill out some registration forms and complete an admission essay
 for his new high school (NorthStar).

It is an online high school which allows gifted children to work at their own pace...
and remotely, as some travel around the country during their studies.

We had decided to go this route so Alex could continue going to UNR without being 
restricted by a normal school's hours.

This way, Alex can now take classes at the University every semester.

UNR's online payment system was having problems...
so, there was a long line of students paying for classes (which start this Monday).

Only after we had finally gotten to the payment window...did I see this sign
(The kiosks were on the nonvisible far side of the elevators...around a corner...
and why weren't these signs placed along the wall adjacent to the line
instead of AT the payment window? :(    (doh! :)

We could have gone to a Kiosk to pay instead of waiting in line. 

On our way out.
I felt sorry for the people standing in line.
They had a looong wait ahead of them  :)

We are leaving UNR and going home so Alex could type up his admission essay
and complete the admissions paperwork for NorthStar online High School 
(the main office is in Reno).

This was a picture board of some of the recent graduates of NorthStar High School.

Some of the students use the freedom of this type of learning so they may pursue
other interests at the same time.

We were given a guided tour by one of the school's representatives.
She had pointed out one of the graduates as being an actress
who is currently on a TV show.

Another graduate, who was a particularly skilled artist...
had recently sold one of his paintings to a Congressman...
and his work is currently being displayed in the Congressman's office in Washington D.C..

Yet another recent graduate was accepted to Stanford University.

We had chosen this online high school 
because they not only offer many advanced courses...
they allow the student to advance at a rapid rate...
and they accept University course work as dual credit for High School.

However fast the student wishes to go through the courses...
he may advance at will...
and, this is important...
he may chose the time of day he studies each of the courses...
all on his own schedule.

He may also have one on one time with teachers on line 
using a headset/mic set up on his computer.

It was this freedom which will allow Alex to schedule his high school classes
around his classes at UNR.

Alex may now attend UNR year round...not merely for the Summer Session.

This is the high school testing site
(it may also be used by the students to study on site).

After Alex finishes a course at home...
he will be taking his final exam on site under the watch of a proctor.

This is the elementary and middle school testing site.

Today was a busy day...
but also a very successful day.

Alex is now all set for his Linear Algebra course at UNR.

The NorthStar Online High School representative said that although it will be sometime 
next week before the admissions paperwork is completed and we may then
withdraw Alex from his present school...
she said that he may consider himself an official student at NorthStar.

My wife had been researching online schools for Alex 
for the one which would best fit his needs.

When we discovered all the advantages that this school has...
we knew we had found the right one.

We consider ourselves to be so fortunate to have had everything work out so well
(of course, most of the credit goes to my wife for her constant research
into future academic opportunities for Alex).

Alex is very excited...
and he is looking forward to getting started with this new opportunity.

We felt like celebrating our great fortune...
and so, we went to the Atlantis Casino to enjoy a dinner feast
on the Sky Terrace at the 'Oyster Bar'.

Alex had chosen the 1 lb. King and Dungeness Crab Platter.

I had chosen their excellent 'Seafood Fettuccine'.

As I have said before...
this is the best seafood fettuccine I have ever had in my life
(tons of scallops / mussels / prawns).

Each bite was so flavorful...
so savory...
so satisfying...
I am still enjoying the memory of this dish
many hours later as I type this article.

My wife had chosen to eat some sushi.

Alex then had some NY style cheese cake.

My wife had a lime tart.

I was so satisfied from my dinner that I had elected to skip dessert
(there is such a thing as having too much pleasure  :)

As we were leaving...
the pillars above the Sky Terrace were jetting natural gas flames.

A fitting end to a wonderful day.


  1. Sounds like your wife found a good fit for Alex with this school. He is in such a unique situation so it must have been very gratifying to find something that works out so well.

  2. Yes. Alex just came back from his UNR course. Alex is very happy with his new schedule.


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