Monday, August 11, 2014

Alex's Leisure Reading: A Beginner's Guide To Mathematical Logic

Song:  In This Place

Group:  Robin Trower

I had included this song because of the surreal sound...
of feeling lost and floating in a void.

This is exactly the feeling I got when I took Symbolic Logic (Mathematical Logic)
while I was in College  :)

Although I loved Psychology and Philosophy...
of all the courses I had taken...
Symbolic Logic made me suffer the most throughout my time 
at College and University.

Although I have no excuse for not doing so well in this course...
there is a reason...
I am a bonehead  :)

Alex is different in this respect.

Mathematical knowledge comes easily to him.

This book was a refresher for him.

He had taken this before...
and so it was pure fun reading for Alex.

He likes to review old subjects once in a while
to test his retainment of his accumulated knowledge.

Alex in his reading spot on the sofa.

He likes to lie here for hours and just read
(our house is always perfectly quiet so he won't have
to suffer through any distractions).

Reading has always been a pleasure for him.
It, both, excites, and relaxes him.

His mother always keeps his library stocked with new books.
Alex and his mother will often shop on Amazon through her computer.

Alex gets to pick out many of his books...
and in a few days...
he has more exciting books to read.

This is an excellent book for those who love Math and Philosophy.

It is an entry point to Symbolic Logic.

In the below screen captures...
the basic content of this book is illustrated.

This is a great book for children who love math.

Alex really enjoyed reviewing with this book.

I cannot impress parents enough on this point:

Reading must be one of the focal points of childhood.

When reading is started from when a baby is able to keep his eyes open
(however, a baby should be read to even before this)...
and the child is given great comfort, affection, and praise as part of reading...
he will grow to associate reading with his pleasurable experiences.

It will make a tremendous difference in later cognitive processes.

By guiding a child through his heart...
he will love to repeat such actions.

He will learn to stimulate his mind through the same activities
as that which had given him so much associated pleasure.

Through such alignment of the heart and mind...
a child will develop a love of learning.

A child who learns because it is considered a chore...
it is from the outside in...
and so, he will eventually tire of it.

A child who develops an inner drive for knowledge...
never stops learning...
because it is a pleasure.

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