Sunday, August 10, 2014

Alex's First Week Of High School

Song:  Daydream

Group:  Robin Trower

I have included this song because Alex's transition
into High School has been as silky smooth 
as is the guitar playing of Robin Trower.

Alex had chosen two electives in addition to his core courses for his first 
semester as a High School student.

AP Computer Science


This is Alex's text for his AP Computer Science course.

(Alex's mother wanted to swap out his old computer stand 
for an inverted wooden it is more stable)

Alex working ahead in his text
(Official classes won't start until later next week...
the past two days were just orientation).

Some of Alex's work on his computer.

We had gotten Alex these books to learn two of the three main scripts of Japanese.

Alex had done some prior practice learning Japanese much earlier at home...
however, his other courses had to take precedence.

Now, as Alex is officially taking Japanese at school...
my wife is going to tutor Alex in the language...
and during our nightly walks...
Alex and I will be practicing it as we walk...
at least until we start up the major hill in our walk
(We will get out of breath during our walk up  :)

Alex wants to be able to speak to his Grandparents in Japan
when we go next year.

We had run into a problem at his school with his placement in a math class.

Alex is beyond any of the courses they have available...
even with the online courses they have.

I had met with the person in charge of academics for the High School.

I had asked him to consider using some of the available 
Universities' (in the U.S.) on line courses for Alex.

He will be researching what is available...
as will we.

We are also going to attempt to enroll Alex 
at the University of Nevada for the Spring semester
in at least one course (evening class)...
and every Summer...Alex will be attending the University.

We must also consider enrolling Alex in an online High School...
and have him attend the University as a half time student
(the High School will pay for his tuition).

We have some other options as well...
and we will be fully exploring them...
however, we must wait for Spring to be able to implement them.

Although another option is to have Alex attend as a full time 
University student...we don't wish to do so at this time.

Should he do so...
he would not be eligible to compete in the various 
High School math competitions.

Alex is also taking Honors Biology at his High School.
We already know he will do well because he is already taking
AP Biology on line, as well as taking AP Calculus BC (he started in the Summer).
(Alex completed AP Calculus AB on line in seventh grade...
and this is the highest math that the High School offers).

Alex is also taking Honors English Language Arts.

Although his school is a STEAM school
(Science / Technology / Engineering / Arts / Mathematics)...
Alex needs higher courses than even they have.

For Alex's Physical Education class...
they will start with Basketball.

I have taught Alex the basics...
and although we have not been able to practice lately because of the weather...
he should still do well in the class
(We are going to continue when the weather becomes better.
Thunder storms have been unusually active for the past month).

Alex has been looking forward to going back to school.
He enjoys meeting with the other children there.

Alex is still working on his writing and research project
I had assigned him a couple of weeks ago.

He will be working on it on weekends
so long as his school has no other projects to complete
(they will be coming at a fast and furious pace soon...
so Alex should complete it in the next couple of weekends).

In the meantime...
the important thing is...
everything has been...
silky smooth  :)


  1. I imagine that it will be difficult to find classes at the high school level that will be appropriate for Alex. Hope you find something for him.

    His electives seem very interesting. I will be following along to see how Alex does in Japanese. Side note - I once worked with the authors of the Jimi's books. Good to hear that you'll be going to Japan next year... not in the summer, I presume. :)

  2. My wife says that Alex's Japanese is really improving quickly. I am sure he will be able to speak with his grandparents by the winter of 2015 - 2016 (we will go to Japan in winter). My wife also says my head looks like Jimi - chan's head :)


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