Monday, August 25, 2014

Alex's First Day Of Linear Algebra At UNR

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Alex started the Fall semester at the University of Nevada Reno today
(We just came back from his Linear Algebra course).

This semester's parking lot is twice as far from his class as was the Summer semester's  :(

Alex was very excited to be back on campus at UNR.

We arrived early and Alex remembered to always strive to sit front and center of the class  :)

Within 15 minutes...
the class filled with more than 30 students.

I went back to "my chair" in the lounge...
sipped on an energy drink...
propped up my feet...
opened a good book...
and awaited Alex's return.

We are on our way back after Alex's class.

Alex said that he saw a girl he had met in his last semester's Statistics class at UNR...
in his Linear Algebra class.

I had met her last semester as she and Alex were discussing some problems 
outside of the classroom after an exam.

She was asking how he had solved some of the problems.  
Alex was proudly describing his process  :)

Although she is at least 10 years older than Alex...
she was very friendly towards him...
and this, of course, made me happy.

Any friend of Alex's...
is a friend of mine  :)

(Alex looks much older than his 13 year age...
so he fits in with the other students well).

This was the location of the old parking lot.

The new one is still a ways away.

This is the stadium which had held the Nevada Western Regional Science Fair...
which Alex had competed in last year.

The new parking lot.

Alex was very happy today.
He feels so free to advance himself toward his future now.

He is looking forward to this class...
and to starting his new online high school.

We are also in the process of setting up Alex's new home study area.

We bought Alex his own:

L shaped desk 

very comfortable executive chair

 computer riser for his desk


his own 27" screen iMac computer (latest model)...
(now each of us has our own iMac  :)

We are going to convert the library section of one of the living rooms 
into Alex's study area.

I will be including pictures of the setup once they arrive
(ordered everything but the chair online).


  1. I know that Alex already completed one college course this summer, but this feels even more like he is growing up and advancing to a new stage in his life. I bet that you feel like you can practically see him maturing before your very eyes.

  2. Alex is growing up so quickly. I am now in the process of putting together his home study office (I have two bandaids on my fingers from putting together his L shaped desk :) He is well on his way now.


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