Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Elder Sister And Her Husband Visit Us In Reno

Song:  Nocturne

Group:  Secret Garden

My elder sister and her husband visited us in Reno today.
They live in the San Francisco bay area.

They will be in Reno until Sunday.

Shortly after they arrived...
we went out for a Texas BBQ for dinner...
and I then took them to a local gun shop.

My sister's husband collects guns.
He has a special gun which can change its caliber
by just swapping out the barrel.

He bought a barrel in .308 caliber.

After coming back...
we decided to take some photos of the sunset.

Her husband also is a photography buff.

Alex, my sister and her husband, and I, are going to Lake Tahoe tomorrow.

We will be going on the Heavenly Valley gondola to the mountain top observation
platform for overall pictures of Lake Tahoe.

We will also be going on the Lake Tahoe cruise to Emerald Bay.

We will then be stopping at two observation points near Emerald Bay by car.

If we have time...
we will then be going to Squaw Valley and take the gondola to another 
mountain top observation platform.

Alex is looking forward to seeing these places again.

These pictures were taken at the neighborhood park where we also do our 
Saturday sports day activities.

After returning to our home...
we then talked of many things.

We will be leaving for Lake Tahoe at around 8 AM...
and on the way...
we will stop at The Purple Parrot for breakfast.

Tomorrow should be a full day.

We will decide where we shall eat dinner after we come back.

Alex will enjoy tomorrow greatly.

He loves our day trips...
and he especially loves Lake Tahoe.


  1. Wow, another spectacular sunset!

  2. We have a lot of nice sunsets here. They are my favorite atmospheric event...although, I've yet to see the Borealis.


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