Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day II - My Elder Sister, Her Husband, And Alex And I At Lake Tahoe

Song:  Lotus

Group:  Secret Garden

This was day II of my elder sister's stay in Reno.

They decided to extend their visit one more day.

Today, we had breakfast at the Purple Parrot in the Atlantis Casino.
After breakfast, we drove to Lake Tahoe.

Our first attraction for the day was at Heavenly Valley for the gondola ride to 
a mountain top observation platform for panoramic views of Lake Tahoe.

The mountain top is in view.

My elder sister with her husband.

It was a nice day initially.

The sky was clear without a rain cloud in sight.

A staff member at the gondolas was blowing bubbles...
and Alex was trying to catch one.

After the gondola ride at Heavenly Valley...
we then took the Dixie II cruise to Emerald Bay.

Alex is wearing his high desert hat to protect him from the sun.

As we were starting out on our cruise...
heavy rain clouds started to fill the sky.

Although we didn't have the sun to light the up the lake or the mountains...
it was still a pleasant cruise.

This is Lower Eagle Falls.
It empties into Emerald Bay.

This was the mansion a wealthy lady of Norwegian descent
had built after buying much of Emerald Bay...a long time ago.  
This was her summer cottage.

Although Emerald Bay is now public property...
she must have had many a fine summer here at her cottage while she lived.

This little island in the middle of Emerald Bay used to house her tea house.
She would entertain guests there.

After our cruise...
we drove around the western shore of Lake Tahoe.

We had stopped at two observation points.

This one was on the south portion of Emerald Bay.

It was raining on the northern Lake Tahoe shore...
with intermittent lightning strikes.

We then stopped at an observation point at the northern portion of Emerald Bay.

Although the sky was gray...
the sights were still worthwhile.

We drove to the northern shore of Lake Tahoe to reach the highway home.
On the way, we encountered some rain...
and earlier...there was lightning in this area.

Tomorrow, we are planning on going to the Truckee River Bike Trail...
and the Squaw Valley gondola.

If it is still raining tomorrow...
we may have to do something else.

After our excursion at Lake Tahoe...
we went back to Reno to eat Sushi.

After eating our fill...
we went across the Truckee River (it flows through Reno)
to a small, but nice, water park.

We then came home and relaxed.

Tomorrow, unless lightning and rain cancels our plans...
we will bike the Truckee River again...
after eating lunch atop a mountain at Squaw Valley.

It is supposed to be overcast tomorrow as well...
but, we are hoping the weather will be nicer for my sister's last day here in Reno.


  1. Breathtaking views from Heavenly Valley! Do you have a favorite spot for views of Lake Tahoe? Glad you had a good visit from your sister and brother-in-law.

  2. Yes, for the lake as a whole, the observation platform at Heavenly Valley is the spot to see it all. Although, my favorite time to see it is in winter. The snow just makes everything you see, so dramatic.


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