Monday, July 21, 2014

Alex's New Favorite Website: MathFights

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(MathFights is at the end of this article)

As there were Thunderstorm warnings for this region yesterday (Sunday)...
my sister decided to go home and try sightseeing another time.

She is thinking of coming back sometime soon.
We will then go to the Truckee River and several other places.

It was raining when I had awakened in the evening.
These photos were taken from our backyard.

The mist in the air had a surreal effect during sunset.
It made a diffuse glowing of the clouds.

We decided to eat out at the Atlantis Casino last night.

My wife had Sushi...
and Alex and I had eaten seafood from the Oyster Bar.

Alex had fish and chips...

and I had the most delicious seafood fettuccine I have had in my life.

It had mussels, shrimp, and scallops.

The sauce was so tasty that the flavor just lingered on the taste buds.

This was one of the few times in my life where food simply sent 
waves of pleasure to the top of my head.

The food was so delicious 
that it felt as if my stomach also had taste buds.

The seasoning was superb...
as was everthing else in the dish.

I will be taking my relatives here to try their seafood fettuccine.

The skyway is where we ate.

On the way home...
my wife wanted to do some food shopping.

Alex and I waited in the car while she shopped.

While there, Alex told me about a math competition website he has been playing
 for the past three days.

It is called MathFights.

There are total of 10 Divisions.

It starts out with simple Algebra problems...
and gets progressively more difficult as you move up in the divisions.

Alex made the top division (Division 1) within three days.

At this level, many of the problems are at the AMC 12 level.

Alex wants to get enough points to get a MathFights T-shirt.

It is a head to head competition involving speed and accuracy.

Alex is very excited by this online competition.

All children who love math should give this a try.

It stimulates a child to improve his calculative skills
through competition.


  1. Ha, I'm sure Alex will have his t-shirt in no time. Great that he can satisfy his competitive desires between competitions.

  2. Alex is having a great time with it. There is a blog friend of my wife's who lives in Japan. Her son is a few years younger than Alex, and he is also gifted. They arranged a mathematical battle on the website. The boy was so excited to have battled with Alex (his mother shows him my wife's blog). The boy is looking to work his way up to the top division one day (he is at about the 7th division). Once Alex wants something, he loves working at it until he gets it...and he wants that T-shirt :)


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