Monday, July 14, 2014

Alex Hiking The Mt. Rose Trail

Song:  Silent Wings

Group:  Secret Garden

For our weekend wilderness endurance exercise...
I took Alex to the Mt. Rose Trail.

The trailhead is just a short half hour drive from home.
It is just beyond where we go skiing in winter.

Although the trail goes all the way to the summit of Mt. Rose...
we only went about a third of the way today.

As today was hot...
and the journey steep going up to the 10,776 feet for the last part of the hike...
we only did an easy day walk to get used to hiking.

We plan to extend our hike up this trail in the future...
and for this, we would have to leave in the morning.

The parking at the beginning of the trail.

We are starting out here.

There was also a separate trail for bikes.

We took the hikers only trail.

Our starting point was just under the 9,000 foot level...
and we quickly went considerably above 9,000 feet during our hike.

We each carried a half gallon of water and our phones.
I carried a blade, a flashlight, and a few other items as well.

The view of Lake Tahoe was beautiful.
There was a very nice cooling breeze blowing most of the way.

We walked through forests for a while.

The small lake in this picture is Lake Tamarack.

Mt. Rose from afar  :)

We will climb it some time in the future.

We stopped and rested for a while at about the one third point...
then turned around and headed back to the car.

Today's hike was just a short day hike in the cool evening hours.
The sun was starting to get low in the sky... was time to go.

One last rest before heading the rest of the way back down.
This was our last view of Lake Tahoe.

The summit of Mr. Rose is in the background.

We got hungry from our little walk...
so, it was time to head out to our favorite Indian restaurant.

Alex loves Mango Lassi.

Alex had his favorite...
Salmon Tikka and fresh Naan.

I had my favorite...
Tandoori Chicken...and fresh Naan.

We finished off with some of their homemade ice cream...Kulfi.  

Alex had the Mango Kulfi...and I had the regular Kulfi.

we finally saw 'Rocky" together.

After we showered...
Alex and I watched it in my man cave.

Later tonight (Monday)...
we are going to watch 'Rocky III' together.

We are soon going to watch another Korean Drama together.

We watched 'Winter Sonata' last summer.
We will start to watch 'Spring Waltz' sometime soon.

As I have explained to Alex...
one of the most beautiful things in this world is a kind hearted woman.
However, there are also many who are not.

The Korean Dramas excel in depicting both in their emotionally charged dramas.

Korean and Japanese dramas are lessons in life for Alex.

As he will be looking to choose a mate in another 15 or so years...
I want him to see the devious games which evil women play.
I especially want him to see how beautiful a gentle and kind hearted woman is...
so he may eventually choose his mate wisely.

I am quite serious about this.

Humans act in fairly predictable patterns when seen from a long term perspective.
These dramas are so popular because they strike a common chord in each of our hearts.
The dramas which play out are merely that which each of us has seen
played out in our lives...both, the good...and the bad.

I want Alex to know that a good woman is worth waiting for.
I also want him to know that in order to be worthy of a good woman...
he must be a good man...
and once he is...that he is, therefore, worthy of having a good woman.

True beauty lies in the gentle heart.

Once Alex is ready for a mate...
one of his sacred quests in life is to find true love...
and this is only found in a woman who has a gentle heart.

Korean and Japanese dramas are to help Alex live a better life...
to avoid the parasites...
the females filled with such vanity...
such self absorption...
that their hearts have no room for the love of others.

These dramas are to let him know that there are so many good women 
out in the world...that to waste time with the a waste of life.

However, too much said for now.

Much more on this line of thought when Alex and I watch the next Korean Drama  :)


  1. That trail looks like a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise. So wonderful that Alex likes to do all of these activities with you.

    So did Alex enjoy Rocky? Just wondering if he liked it any better than your previous experiences in watching movies together.

  2. Alex liked the movie, but in general, he likes comedies more. Plus, Alex is not one to really watch TV or movies much. Most of his life, he rarely watched any TV. He likes the computer much more.


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