Monday, June 23, 2014

Alex's Sunday Lake Tahoe Swim

Song:  Oh Babe, What Would You Say

Artist:  Hurricane Smith

(I was about Alex's age when this song came out.
I had first really heard this song at a beach in San Francisco.
It reminds me of a carefree and happy time). 

It was a very nice day at Lake Tahoe.

The temperature was in the mid to high 70s...
there was a nice cooling breeze blowing...
very nice.

The pier at Lake Tahoe used to be a public pier.
It is now owned by a private company.
Although they hadn't placed any unnecessary restrictions on visitors...
you may no longer swim from the end of the pier.

I just had Alex walk out from the beach 
and swim near the pier so I could take photos from it.

Alex walking out from the beach.
The water in this portion is very shallow.

Even at the end of the pier...
it is only about 5 feet deep.

As a result...
the water really warms up to a comfortable temperature...
which makes swimming a pleasure.

The views were very nice...
and there were very few people
(This was my favorite part).

We have an advantage of living only one hour away from Lake Tahoe.
We may go there almost anytime...especially off season.
We had gone there last Fourth of July...never again.
Everything was soooo crowded.

We go places to enjoy the scenery and the location...
not to see people.

Alex had a good time swimming up and down the length of the pier.

Alex said the water was nice...
however, he also said that he didn't like 
how the waves would sometimes slap him in the face  :)

These are typical Alex faces.

I had seen him make these...
 and I just had to capture his most common expressions  :)

We will probably be going biking next Sunday.

We are thinking of going back to the Truckee River / Lake Tahoe route.

This time...
 there should be no forest fires burning in California...
so the air will be a lot clearer.

Alex is looking forward to the ride...
and going to the restaurant by the river we had gone to last time.

We will leave earlier in the day this time...
and we will be doing a lot of relaxing by the flowing Truckee River...
and in general...
we will just be enjoying the views and taking a nice relaxing ride.

I want Alex to thoroughly enjoy his childhood.

A person would have to be a fool to not
experience the bounty of beautiful views 
so prevalent to our area.

These experiences for Alex shall be magical times for him to forever remember.

The prime objectives for children are to explore and to learn...
and to make magical memories while doing so.


  1. What a beautiful setting for a nice swim. Looks like the water is nice and calm, perfect for swimming. Hope you have a nice bike ride this weekend.

  2. Lake Tahoe is always so nice. We are looking forward to biking there tomorrow. I hope to have many nice photos. We will be going back to the park to play catch in an hour. I will take some photos from there also.


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