Monday, May 12, 2014

Alex At The Mathcounts Nationals - V

Song:  Journey To The Magical Kingdom

Group:  Future World Music

After everyone showered and changed into their suits...
it was time to go to the Awards Ceremony and Banquet.

I enjoyed watching the team members practice.

They are all so mature, and of course, all so very rational.

They had always behaved very well...everywhere they went.

Each is very spirited...but never were they rambunctious or disrespectful.

Each is so highly intelligent...but never were they snobbish.

Each had the reserve of natural modesty...
yet each had the fire of deep intelligence in their eyes.

Each was raised very was demonstrated in their actions.

It was a pleasure to have known the other team members in our short time together.

The coaches of the teams were recognized for their tremendous leadership.

Alex had seen one of their pictures on the three screens on stage.

They had put up each competitor (for approximately 10 seconds) for all to see.

I had to wait with camera in hand...
turned on and refocusing on the main screen every few minutes...
ready to take a photo of each team member as they appeared
(they were in random order).

After our dinner...
each had this completely edible chocolate dessert.

After the banquet was completed...
the awards ceremony began.

The 1st place team was California.

California, by a wide margin, is the winningest State in Mathcounts history.

This tremendous young man was the National Champion...
from California.

You simply must see him perform during the Countdown Round.
He is the Merlin of Math.

The team jumped to their feet as the award for 
the Most Improved State Team was announced...
Team Nevada.

Last year...
Nevada came in 33rd place...out of 56 teams.

This year...
Team Nevada placed 15th.

After the Awards Ceremony...
we had to get to bed as we then had to get up at 3:30 AM to checkout 
and catch our 4:30 AM shuttle to the airport.

The team waiting for our flight out of Orlando, Florida.

The other parents on the trip.
They were very nice.  
The father had secured us good seats at the Countdown Round 
and had guided us to an area to capture the State Team entrance (Banner).

We had also talked while waiting for the team to exit some of the rides.

We were all boarded and ready to get back home.

Flying into Reno from Las Vegas.

After catching a connecting flight in Las Vegas...
we finally got back to Reno.

Although we had fun in Orlando...
it was so good to be back.

The much cooler climate here in Reno
cheered Alex up almost immediately upon stepping outside the airport
(we still have snow on some of the mountain tops).

I will be going to the University of Nevada Reno tomorrow.

The Math Professor (The one I had talked about earlier)
 was willing to accept Alex as a summer student.

I will be registering Alex sometime in the afternoon.

Now that Mathcounts is over...
we may now concentrate on getting Alex more advanced through the University...
and by having him concentrate on the AMC 10 and 12 competitions for next year.

After his Summer Session at the University...
I have a special writing assignment for Alex.

He is very much looking forward to it...
and we dream of making a fairly large societal impact with it

( Perhaps it is merely a pipe dream.
However, what better way to spend a summer...
than by chasing pipe dreams?  :)

More on this at a later time  :)


  1. What a great all-around experience for Alex. I'm sure he really enjoyed the math competition itself, but the entirety of the trip was a great opportunity for Alex to spend time with his esteemed peers, and to have new experiences. Did he enjoy his time in the parks?

    15th place in a competition like this is a very strong performance. Congratulations to Alex and his teammates and coach!

  2. Alex disliked the heat and humidity...and the lack of his favorite foods...unless we ate at restaurants. He enjoyed all of the rides and the adventure of the trip. He loved the competition and the ceremony most of all.

  3. Ahhh...Alex, what a wonderful mind he has. Each competition/opportunity helps expand his horizons and offers him time with his peers. What an excellent social experience for him as well as the enjoyment of competition. Congratulations to Alex and his team! Love, Aunt Mary

  4. He had a great time...and it was a very nice experience. He will be seeing many of the same competitors in future contests. He will be working hard to keep improving.


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