Monday, May 12, 2014

Alex At The Mathcounts Nationals - III

Song:  Try To Keep Up

Artist:  Elijah Bossenbroek

On Friday morning before breakfast...
the team met in the coach's room for last minute practice.

Thye team at the entrance to the breakfast buffet.

After breakfast...
I had to leave as the team would then go into the written test area.

Expectant parents awaiting the emergence of the teams from the written portion.

The camera man for ESPN - which had broadcast it live.
The filming was from the emergence of each team as they were individually called
out with one member carrying their State banner...
the listing of the top 10 teams...
and the top 12 written contestants who would then compete in the
Countdown Round.

(can be seen on ESPN 3 web cast as a rerun).

Just type in "mathcounts" in the search bar...
then click on the May 9th video cast.

Alex is carrying the banner in the above re-run at 04:28.

The actual Countdown Round is also in the video
(the top 12 individuals would go head to head).

Although Alex hadn't placed for the Countdown Round...
it was such an honor for him to just be at the Nationals.

If you wish to see true mathematical wizardry...
you must see that round!

Dianne Sawyer also did a piece on the Mathcounts Nationals.

At this point we didn't know how the team or individuals had fared...
just the top placers.

Last year, the team had placed 33rd out of the 56 competing teams.

This year, the coach was hoping the team would get in the top 25.
It turns out he, and all of us, were to be pleasantly surprised.

We wouldn't find out the exact placement until the next day.

Alex proudly running with the banner when Nevada was called.

The Nevada coach looked happy.  I would say...very happy :)

During the actual Countdown Round.

After the Countdown Round...
the rest of the day was spent at Epcot.

The children were treated to a day of fun there.

The team going back to their rooms to prepare for their fun filled day.

Alex and his roommate.

The next article will be of the team's fun day at Epcot.

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