Monday, May 12, 2014

Alex At The Mathcounts Nationals - II

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Artist:  Elijah Bossenbroek


Team registration day

The team met in the coach's room just before breakfast.

The team is leaving the Swan Hotel to get breakfast at a restaurant in the Dolphin Hotel.

A team picture just outside the Swan Hotel.

The team then headed to the Dolphin Hotel across a short walkway between 
the Dolphin and the Swan hotels.

Another team photo just outside the Dolphin Hotel.

The team picking out their breakfast.

The team headed back to the Swan Hotel after their breakfast.

The State teams had pins to trade with other State teams when they would meet.

The man in the light blue shirt is Richard Rusczyk.

He is a former Math Olympiad winner 
and he is a living legend among young mathletes. 

He is the founder of the Art Of Problem Solving.

All students of math greatly benefit from the programs 
and text books from the Art Of Problem Solving...
and certainly any serious student of math knows of Richard Rusczyk.

Alex has been using Richard Rusczyk's texts and his web site...
especially Alcumus, for years.

The team members were thrilled to get their picture with Richard Rusczyk
(he is one of the "rock stars" of the mathlete world).

He is a very professional and considerate man. 
He talked with the team and was happy to have his picture taken with each member.

The 2014 Nevada State Math Team.

the team went back to the coach's room to do more practice rounds.

On the way to lunch...
the Nevada team met with another State team and they exchanged pins.

The Thursday lunch was at another restaurant.

This one was in the Swan Hotel.

Although Alex loves fish...
he doesn't like sauces.

He had to scrape it off his fish before he ate it.

Dinner was a buffet.

Alex could only bear to eat the bread...
as he doesn't eat hamburgers...
or chicken with sauce on it.

We had purchased several Mathcounts 2014 Nationals yearbooks.
Alex is signing a copy for his mathcounts teacher at his school.

As Alex had only eaten a few pieces of bread at dinner...
after he showered...
we ordered him grilled fish for dinner through room service.

Alex would be getting up early in the morning 
for the written portion of the Nationals.

The next article will be of Friday...
the Written Competition and then a day of fun at Epcot Center.

(I don't have any pictures of the actual written portion as only the competitors
and the proctors were allowed inside).

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