Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alex's Induction To The National Junior Honor Society

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Artist:  Michael Nyman

Yesterday, Alex was inducted to Coral Academy Of Science's (Reno)...
National Junior Honor Society.

Alex has kept a 4.0 GPA throughout his school years at Coral Academy of Science.

As part of Alex's In School service...
he tutors the High School students in math.

They are also expected to provide so many service hours to the community.

His NJHS club is soon going to the Truckee River to do some clean up.

Alex sitting with the other inductees.

Alex getting his certificate of induction.

He is with his English teacher here.

we went to our favorite Korean restaurant.

We started out with a Korean pancake for an appetizer.

Alex then had Chicken Katsu for his meal.

I had the same thing...
and I also had a bowl of vegetable Ramen.

Later today...
Alex will be going to a special lunch buffet at one of the Casinos.

It is a school reward for the students who have maintained a certain GPA.

This weekend, Alex and I are flying to Las Vegas 
to meet with the rest of the state math team in preparation 
for the Mathcounts Nationals.

On the following weekend...
Alex will be competing for a slot on the State ARML team going to the Nationals
late next month.

If he makes the ARML team...
he will have a busy month in May.

During the second week of May...
he will be in Florida (Disney World) competing at the Mathcounts Nationals
(we will be there for 5 days).

just a couple of weeks later...
he will, hopefully, be competing in the ARML Nationals in Las Vegas
(we will be there for 4 - 5 days).

One piece of bad news...
I was hoping to sign up Alex for an advanced math class at a local college
for this summer session.

The schedule starts before his middle school ends...
and conflicts with the ARML Nationals.

he will be taking advanced math classes on line this summer.

I also have a very special writing assignment for him...
one which will take much thought and research.


  1. Busy schedule coming up, but then again, Alex always has something going on. I'm sure he is looking forward to all of it.

  2. Alex loves keeping busy with some sort of test in the near future, or some sort of class. He loves to have the chance to distinguish himself through his efforts.


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