Thursday, April 10, 2014

2048 - Alex's New Favorite App

Song:  Time (Piano)

Performing Artist:  Acon Cheng 
(He had been playing for only 2 years)

Alex first learned of this app when he competed in the Berkeley Math Tournament.
Many of the young competitors there were playing this app during the breaks.

 Alex doesn't play games so often.

However, just yesterday, my wife told me of this app...
and how she has been playing it a lot lately...
I had to try it.

Both of us were stuck on the 512 level all day.

At the restaurant...
Alex used his iPhone (as his iPad was low on charge).
I took my iPad...and my wife took her Kindle.

We were playing at the restaurant while waiting for our food.

We were competing to see who could get to the next level first.

In a few minutes time...
Alex announced that he had gone to the next level, and how he had gotten a new high score.

Alex has just one more level to get to the 2048 level
(however, each level gets much more difficult to form the higher 
combinations necessary to complete the level).

Of course...
there are many who have gotten higher...
however, Alex only rarely plays.

He only started playing it today because he had found out that 
we are all on the same level  :)

I knew he would try to break free from mediocrity...
and try to level up beyond us  :)

For those who have not tried it...
it has an addictive quality...
and it is a fun diversion once in a while.

Children who love numbers...will love this game.
It speeds up mental processing while they have fun.

Our food arrived...
starting with appetizers.

These were my beef sandwiches (I love their beef sandwiches).

My wife had the Beef Noodle bowl.

Alex had the Seafood Noodle bowl.

Alex has been working extra hard lately...
my wife had a headache...
and I felt like eating some Vietnamese beef sandwiches.

Reason enough to eat out!  

SK Noodles HO!  :)


  1. I can't wait to get home and download this app. Always looking for ideas on apps for my son that are mentally challenging yet fun. This sounds like a good one.

  2. The players are also ranked world wide, which adds to the fun. This really is a very fun game. Patterns of movement to be used to the players advntage will be seen, and will make it more interesting. There are many game themes available, and most are free.


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