Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prospective High School Student Night

Song:  California Dreamin

Group:  Mammas and The Papas

We had just come back from
Coral Academy Prospective High School Student night.

It was a minor orientation from the staff, former students (now in University)...
and from some current seniors for Coral Academy of Science 8th graders...
as well as new prospective students for next year's High School class.

Alex at his school's award area.

Coral Academy had recently taken the best design award for a 
robotics contest (foreground).

Afterwards, we went out to a Chinese restaurant.

We started with Dim Sum appetizers...

Alex then had Sea Bass (which Alex thought was delicious)...

 I had Beef Chow Fun...
and Tangerine Pork.

His mother had the Beef Chow fun also.

Just some of Alex's latest updates:

Alex had also done well in another math contest (for 10th graders).

Alex got the highest score in his school (Alex is in 8th grade).


We received a call from the Veterans of Foreign Wars...
about the Patriot's Pen contest (a national essay contest).

Alex had taken first place for the local division.

We still don't know about the results from the Northern portion of Nevada...
or from the State portions...I don't know if they have already happened.

They will be having a dinner at the VFW for the local winners.

We will be going to the dinner next week.
I hope to find out more then.

Alex had taken runner up in the State contest last year...
so, hopefully he had done at least as well this year.


Alex had gotten into the top ten science projects for the Science Fair for his grade.

I had talked with his science teacher...
and he is recommeding Alex to go to the
 Western Regional Science Fair Contest.

He said that although it is not certain...
he thinks that with his recommendation to the science committee...
that Alex's project has a good chance of being accepted
to the next tier of competition.

The science teacher said that he especially liked the science behind 
Alex's project...and he was impressed with Alex's understanding
of the scientific concepts involved and of his verbal presentation of it.


The State Finals for Mathcounts is coming in less than two weeks.
Alex is preparing for it as always.


Alex is officially part of the math team going to California
for an upcoming contest.

It will be in a few weeks.

It is supposed to be for advanced High Schoolers...
however, Alex was asked to fill in for one of the team's
 High School members who couldn't attend.

The contest will be at a University...
and it will involve 3 basic areas of math:


One High Schooler will tackle the Discrete Math portion...
two will team up on the Geometry...
and one High Schooler, and Alex, will team up for the Algebra portion.

It should be an exciting event.


On top of this...
my younger sister was released from the hospital today.

So, the future is looking brighter on all fronts.

Today was a good day!  :)


  1. Lots of news to catch up on. I would think that Alex would have a good chance of being accepted at the new math and science academy. It would be a little tough to leave Coral Academy and the northern Nevada area where Alex has done so well, but I know you are looking out for Alex's long-term interests in whatever you decide.

    So glad you've had a good day, especially with the news of your sister!

  2. The best young math students in the nation reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alex will be up against the toughest competition. Right is just a concept. I don't think they have secured funding for it yet. We shall certainly try for it though. It would be even better for Alex than anything we could do for him here. Some top mathematicians are on the board...and they will also deal with the many social issues which seem to plague the mathematically inclined students (they know of the many quirks in such they are top mathematicians themselves).

    It would be a dream come true if we could get him in. They want only the top in Math and Science.

  3. Alex,

    Congratuations on your well deserved victory at the 2014 Nevada State MathCounts Competition! I look foreward to helping your prepare for Nationals.

    Brandon Lawrence
    Hyde Park Middle School

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thank you (for your comment to my son, Alex). We look forward to working with you.

    We will see you soon.


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