Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lessons Learned At The Science Fair

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Artist:  Helen Jane Long

Although Alex's Science Project hadn't placed...
Alex learned how to arrange a Science Presentation Board for future reference.

We had gone back to the arena after the judging was complete.

We looked at the top place finishers...
 and we had seen a common thread among them.

Each, besides being very well laid out...
 was consisely explained.

This project had taken first place in the enviornmental science category
(a student from Coral Academy of Science).

This student had taken second in the Math/Computer Science category.

This student had used a laser in his experiment...
and had calculated the loss of speed of light through varying mediums.

Alex will most likely be competing in this category next year.

He will use all of the information gathered from his experience this year...
and he will adapt, and become more proficient in the designing and presentation
of his experiments, so he may have a much stronger showing next year.

However, as he will be in High School next year...
the competition will be even tougher.

He will, once again, have to really come up with something spectacular...
yet, he will have to be very concise with his presentation.

(Alex had Salt and Pepper Sea Bass)

Later in the evening...
we went out for Chinese and all you can eat Dim Sum (for me).

Alex may now relax a little.

However, as this is the start of his Spring Break...
even though we will be going to a few places...
Alex must still practice for the upcoming Nationals in MathCounts...
and he has one other project to complete for his Social Studies class.

In a few weeks...
Alex and I will be flying to Las Vegas to have a practice session
with the State Math Team in preparation for the Nationals.

This will be so they can get to know how each member operates
before they fly out to Florida to compete (in a couple of months).


  1. Alex has had so much success in his competitions that to fall short must be an unusual feeling. I'm guessing that it was, perhaps, more disappointing for you than even for Alex. I'm sure he gained a lot from the whole experience and will be able to do build on that next time. And making it to the regional fair is hardly a failure.

  2. This is just one more area to excell the future. It was a good learning experience. He will use this to improve, and he has something to look forward to for next year.


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