Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Supplementary Math Contests For Alex

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From:  Final Fantasy VI

Alex is taking another math competition test in the morning.

He is also registered for a math competition at a University in California
for highly advanced Middle and High School students.

We hadn't known of its existence until he found out that some of his
math club members had just gotten back from one at Stanford University.

Alex asked if he could be on the next team going to the next competition.

He will be going next month to one at another prestigious University...
and hopefully many more.

He will be competing in the individual and team rounds.

Alex always gets excited about competing in math competitions...
and he is looking forward to going to this one.

This is a picture from last year's competition at this University.

Below is a sample of questions from last year's competition for the individual category.

Below is a sample of questions from last year's competition for the team category.

They are both, similar in structure, and problem complexity, to many of the various 
math competitions Alex regularly competes in.

These competitions are great for stimulating drive in the math student.

The young math students from the San Francisco Bay Area
are some of the best in the nation (as proved at the ARML nationals last year).

Alex will be competing against them.

This competition will be very high speed as he will be competing with mostly 
highly advanced High Schoolers.

Alex wants to enter as many contests as he can.

He wishes to constantly hone his math skills by frequently 
entering the intellectual arena of combat.

Although the intellectual warrior gains his skills in his training halls...
it is in the arena of combat that he may truly learn how effective his training is...
and it allows him to learn how to perform under the pressure of competition.

Once again...
although Alex has the heart of a warrior...
it is his gentle and giving nature which makes me the most proud.

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