Saturday, January 18, 2014

Possible Future Educational Advancement Opportunities For Alex

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We had recently researched a few options which we are free to pursue 
to advance Alex's curriculum to try to keep pace with his desire to learn.

We went to a nearby College and had spoken with a representative.
One of our future options involve attempting to have Alex enter
at the age of 14 years old and having him get dual credit for High School
while taking College courses on the college campus.

For a student to do so...he has to be in 10th the earliest.

There is another possible option for next year (9th grade - 13 years old).
There is the possibility that he may attend for just his Math classes there...
and getting credit for High School at the same time...
but this would just be for his Math...
until he is in 10th grade.

They only accept a very limited number of students...
and he has to go through a battery of tests and interviews.

Alex is very excited at both prospects.

This is a beautiful college campus which is located only 15 minutes or so from home.

It is located high above Reno in the mountains...
away from everything else...
except a mountain/high desert research facility.

Inside the Student Hall.

The campus is so peaceful.
I have always loved College and University campuses.

Alex especially loves them.
He always gets excited being on them.

He dreams of the day when he may become a student at one.
His chest swells with pride at the thought of walking among other like minded students...
ones who value their education...
and for whom living their dream of receiving a higher education deeply moves them
as the realization of their steps forward in their education moves them
 another step closer to achieving a major goal in their lives.

We shall be attending a question and answer meeting in a few weeks.

We will also be submitting some paperwork for early placement
into the College for the next school year for math.

Alex will be so proud if he gets accepted.

To be a College student at age 13 would be such a great learning opportunity for him.

We have also hired an in home tutor for Alex for advanced math.

He will be starting next week.

He has a PhD in Physics and was on the staff at M.I.T...
and he has authored many research papers in the area of 
High Energy Electromagnetic Interactions
(according to his profile through the governing agency.
He is now retired...and tutoring full time in our area).

He is a five star tutor as rated from over a hundred previous students
(young students / University students / Professionals).

What had impressed me most was the student comments on his
thorough explanation of concepts...
and his patience with children.

He tutors in advanced Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

Alex is moving at a pace which we, as his parents...
simply cannot keep pace with.

My wife is struggling trying to find the concepts of his 
advanced math to explain to him when he misses a problem
in his advanced math programs.

It is now time for an expert to be called in.

Alex will soon eclipse my capabilities to teach him his other subjects as well.

If this tutor works out...
we will be calling on him to supplement our after school homeschooling
of the sciences...besides his advanced math.

we now have two possible advancement opportunities...
and another method for him to excel in those opportunities.

It was a very productive day for us...
and, yes...
it was cause for a minor celebration.

We, again, went out to one of our favorite restaurants to enjoy
these potential educational opportunities for Alex.

In a couple of days...
we shall also spend the day at one of the ski resorts near Lake Tahoe (Squaw Valley)...
not to ski...but to look around...and to get something delicious to eat :)


  1. Alex seems ready for college academically. And bringing in such an accomplished tutor will only help him advance even more. Very exciting!

  2. Alex is very much looking forward to the possibility of rapid acceleration. We meet with the tutor today. Hopefully he will work out well.


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