Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Mochi

Song:  In The Morning Light

Artist:  Yanni

Our traditional New Year's Day Mochi making.

Our Mochi maker.

We just put in presoaked sweet rice...

and in 45 minutes...
the rice is steamed and...

kneeded into one large mochi ball.

We made 3 lbs. of Mochi...
and spread it out onto a floured pan...

made them into individual cakes
for freezing, refrigeration for tomorrow...

 and for eating fresh then.

Alex finished up his science project presentation board last night.

I will help him tape the photos and papers to the board.

He had typed up some simplified mathematical explanations 
for the formulas he had used.

In my next article...
I will show his completed board...
and some of the simplified formula explanations.


  1. Ha, you really did make your own mochi, and you didn't even have to pound it. :) That mochi looks really delicious. And how fun that you did that all together.

    Happy new year to all of you, and best wishes for 2014!

  2. The mochi is great. I've been eating it often. When we were mother used to buy 100 lbs of it every year. She froze it (a large deep freezer in the garage) and used it in mochi soup, and for baked mochi...which we had very often throughout the year. She also regularly had a couple of hundred pounds of rice in a a large container in the garage. We loved our rice!


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