Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Books For Alex

Song:  When Long Ships Arrive

Group:  Folkearth

Alex got some new books last month.
He loves reading in his free time.

Books not only open a young reader's mind...
well composed and written books have a strong central message
that a young mind may relate to...and with everything in life.

Alex's mother is thinking of subscribing to a downloadable book site where
there is a very extensive library of classics and new favorites.

Alex always gets excited when his new books arrive.

They always put a big smile on his face.

A book on math is sure to be one of Alex's favorites.

Alex loves his books.

He has gained so much knowledge from his free reading.

Reading, whether from books or on an electronic reader...
gives the reader the wisdom of the ages.

It is a crystallization of knowledge of a lifetime of experiences 
and truths the authors had compiled to enrichen the lives of others.

A person who refuses to observe and digest from all around him...
is a person who refuses to learn.

A person who refuses to learn...
is a person who refuses to read.

A person who refuses to read...
is a person who shall remain a fool forever.


  1. Great to expose him to a variety of books. I'll be curious to hear how Alex likes the fiction classics, especially the science fiction stories of Jules Verne and HG Wells.

  2. Alex likes Jules Verne. He had read a couple from him already. Alex is into science fiction now since he is presently writing a science fiction novel.


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