Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Lights At The Mall / Cajun Food

Song:  We Three Kings

Artists:  The Piano Guys

Last night we decided to go to a local outdoor mall (20 minutes from home)...
to see some Christmas Lights...and to eat some Cajun food.

There was nary a person in sight all night.
I don't understand was very nice out...
and the lights were beautiful.

We ate at a restaurant called - Jazz.
It was a Louisiana style Cajun eatery.

I had a Crawfish Po' Boy with some Gumbo.

Alex had the Seafood plate (fried Catfish, Oysters, and Shrimp)

My wife had Jambalaya.

This was the Gumbo that my wife and I had shared.

The food was spicy and tasty.

We will keep this place in mind for future eating.

For dessert...
I had a pastry filled with Blueberries and Chocolate...

my wife had Bread Pudding...

and Alex had a 4 layer Chocolate cake.

This was the first time we had gone here.

It is a fairly new shopping area.
There will be an iMax theater going in soon also.

I am still amazed that there were very few people out and about.

We got out of the restaurant at almost 10:30 PM and we saw no one else around.

Don't get me wrong...
I love it when we have the whole place to ourselves.
I just can't understand no one else being there.

There were also only a few other people in the restaurant.

My wife had a good laugh when I kept slipping on the ice on the walkways.

We left for home with full bellies...
and just relaxed for the rest of the night.


  1. Glad you could enjoy such a beautiful, festive setting all to yourselves. Does Alex like spicy food? That Cajun food looks tasty!

  2. No, Alex, in general, does not like spicy food. I had them only lightly season with the Cajon spices in Alex's food.

    We will be going back there whenever we crave southern spice. They have some interesting food combinations there that I must try. It will also be the perfect place to eat after watching an iMax movie when the theater is built.


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