Friday, December 13, 2013

AMC Award / Spelling Bee / Dinner At A Korean Restaurant

Song:  Magica (Extended)

Group:  Two Steps From Hell

Alex was number one in his school in AMC 8
(He got National Distinguished Honor Role - Top 1% in the Nation)

Alex was also the top speller in his grade at his school in the Spelling Bee...
and he will be going to the County Spelling Bee again this school year.

We didn't even know until after the school spelling bee had taken place
that Alex had participated.

He had done no special studying for it.

The County Spelling Bee will take place at the end of January.

We will do some preparation for this one as it is competition for the State Finals.

Alex will also be practicing for the AMC 10 competition coming shortly afterwards.

Alex at his Sunday ARML practice session.
He is on the State ARML a member of the Northern Nevada Math Club.

And as always, he is studying daily for the Mathcounts competition next year...
and he also practices for the ARML competition every Sunday.

For dinner...
we went to a very good Korean Restaurant for our weekly dinning out.

This restaurant (Hana Garden) is where many people of Korean descent eat.

It is not only good Korean food...
it is very reasonably priced.

Alex got the shrimp appetizers...

and for the main meal...he got grilled Mackerel.

His mother had gotten a noodle dish...
(I believe it was called Jap Chee)

and she and I shared a Kimchee soup.

I had gotten the Spiced Pork Bulgogi.

It was very spicy...and very good.

Every time I watch a Korean Drama...
I crave Korean food.

This hit the spot!

It was authentic...
full of flavor and spice.

This type of food is especially good on nice crisp Winter days.

We have found our favorite Korean restaurant...
and we shall be returning often
(it is less than 15 minutes from home).

After dinner...
Alex and his mother took a walk around the block at home...
and looked at the neighborhood Christmas lights.

Alex finished his book report today.

Tomorrow he will finish up his Science Fair report...
and I will help him with his presentation board on Sunday...
after his ARML practice.

Another good day for Alex.

He is still a 4.0 student at the half way point of his school year...
he had done well in two competitions...
we finished up the day with a good meal...
and a quiet walk around our neighborhood.

A nice day indeed!


  1. I had to smile when you mentioned that you hadn't even known that Alex was participating in the school spelling bee. Amazing that he performed so well without extra work. Very well done, Alex!

  2. Alex completed his science project report tonight...yep...we went out to eat at his favorite restaurant...Naan and Kabab. So far as I am concerned...everything worthy of worthy of a meal out! :)


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