Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Alex Enjoying His New Leisure Reading Book / Math MAP Score

Song:  Blue Period / Light On Water

Artist:  Jon Hassell

Alex's latest leisure reading book.
Alex loves many non-fiction titles.

One of the keys to having a child love reading...
is to get that which he loves to read for his leisure reading.

If it peaks his interest...
he will spend much time reading.

Let him have a comfortable and quiet spot to read.
A place with no distractions...
a place with privacy and solitude.

Alex's second favorite spot to read.
Sometimes he wishes to switch up from his spot on the sofa.

Alex loves to get into his books.
Alex always has his choice of spots when he wishes to read.

Our house is normally quiet anyway...
but we ensure he is undisturbed when he reads.

Our neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful.

Alex's mother and Alex often sit in front of the computer
and they pick out books from Amazon.

Alex loves getting his new books in the mail.
Although he goes through them in a rapid fashion...
nothing could please us more than to keep his library stocked 
with new and exciting titles.

Alex just told us of his score in his school math MAP test today.

He had greatly improved his score over last year.

Alex scored off the scale...
even for 11th graders nation wide.

The 99th percentile for 11th graders is 284

Alex scored 302 (he is an 8th grader).

We are...of course...happy that Alex did well...
however, it is in the fact that he had improved so much
over last year, and even more so...
it is in Alex's self drive to constantly improve 
which makes us the happiest.

Alex is presently finishing up his advanced online math homework...
he will then read some...
then he will work more on his book report.

He should have it finished by this Friday...
whereupon he will complete his science project
by the end of this weekend.

He should then be done with all of his long term projects
before Winter Break.

We have discussed possibly going Cross Country Skiing
mixed in with Downhill Skiing this Winter.

Perhaps on one weekend we will do one...
then the following weekend...
the other.

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