Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Snow - B - Q For Alex

Song:  O Come, Emmanuel

Group:  The Piano Guys

I have been telling Alex we would be having a Snow - B - Q for a few days now.
We had a light snow fall yesterday...and I was hoping for much deeper snow...
but it was still enough to have some late night outside fun.

After Alex's workout session and his shower...
we lit up the Q
(It was only slightly below freezing...with only a soft breeze.
It was so nice outside).

I know I should have arranged all of the briquettes first...
but until I lit them...I couldn't see them well  :)

Our first Snow - B - Q!

As always...
Alex loves Salmon in foil.

The Salmon always turns out well.
In poaches itself in its own juices.

The result is a light, fluffy, and juicy Salmon piece.

Alex made a Salmon Burger...
he LOVED it.

I had Hillshire Farms Polish Sausages.

I had charred them just right.

My FIRST successful Q!
(I know...they are the easiest pieces of meat to get right :)

I also picked up some dessert for this special occasion.

Alex loved this also.
It was European style layered mouse cake.

Earlier today...
Alex studied his math...
then he started writing an outline for another novel he wishes to write.

Later this Winter Break...
I will be editing Alex's first novel...
and I will feature some of it in an article.


  1. Congrats on a successful BBQ! Fun idea to do it in the snow! Both the salmon and sausages looked scrumptious!

    By the way, thought I'd let you know that for a couple weeks now, your new blog posts have not been appearing on my Blogger Dashboard. I have no idea why that changed. I came to your blog one time and was surprised to find several new posts there as none had appeared on the Dashboard. Not sure you can do anything about it, but thought you should be aware.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The Snow - B - Q was great. Alex and I love colder weather. Alex always loves it when we use the BBQ.

    I am checking into the lack of publishing through NetworkedBlogs. Many others have had the same problems. I hope to resolve it soon. Thanks :)


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