Monday, September 16, 2013

Heroism - An Essay By Alex

Song:  Atlantis (Extended)

Group:  Two Steps From Hell

Alex started this essay for his English class last Friday night...
and he finished it last Saturday.

All I had done to it was to correct a few typos...
delete a sentence or two (extraneous information)...
and had him add a sentence or two to fill out a paragraph.

Everything else was all Alex.
He had completely researched and typed it out before I had looked at it.

I merely did some final simple editing
(while teaching him why). 

Alex just keeps improving his writing skills with each essay he writes.

Alex already had a good idea about heroism...
as I often speak about this topic.

It is one of the basic concepts a boy needs to thoroughly understand...
in order to, one day, achieve manhood.


  1. Alex's progress with his writing continues to amaze me.

    I look forward to seeing the science project. I'm sure it will be impressive.

    1. Alex just keeps on improving...which keeps him motivated. Each mistake is a new lesson for him to learn...and he uses it to catapult himself higher.

      I have a couple of projects in mind for his science project. Of course, the principles and concepts he will demonstrating will be I will be teaching him them before, and during, the experiment.


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