Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alex's Saturday Night On-Line Math Session

Song:  Dream

Artist:  Yiruma

Alex first finished his regular studies (Saturday)...
and finished a long term English essay
(my next article - Heroism).

As we had thunder storms this Saturday afternoon...
we couldn't go on our customary bike ride.

However, the same young man who had organized the last 
Mathematical Midnight Madness session...
had once again organized a three hour math contest session for this
last Saturday the day was still a very productive one.

This time they started at 9:00 PM so they could finish at 12:00 AM.

The children who are practicing in this video chat
are the ones who have a good shot at making the Mathcounts Nationals
this coming competition year (2014).

This is the worksheet Alex was using during the video math contest chat.

They had worked on old competition problems...
and had tested themselves against each other.

It was a very fun time for Alex.
He loves these sessions.
Alex loves tests...
as he loves to see how much he has improved.

After all of his tests...
we have him go over all missed questions
so he may learn where he had gone wrong...
and so, to keep him improving.

Today (Sunday)...
after Alex finishes his regular studies...
he will just relax...
and we will then go to one of Alex's favorite restaurants.

It is a Mexican restaurant which specializes in seafood.
Alex loves the Tilapia there.

I usually give Alex his choice of places to eat.

As we both LOVE to eat...
it is one of the small little pleasures I can give to Alex...
as he is always working so diligently in his studies.

It is always fun to watch Alex eat.
His face lights up, and his food has his full concentration.
He is as serious at eating as he is at studying  :)


  1. I would have appreciated that the math session was a little earlier... I don't think I would have been able to stay up with my son if he was working on math till the wee hours.

    No photos of your meal at the Mexican restaurant? Well, at least you're not making me hungry! ;)

    1. Those kids are true night owls. I am up all night anyway.

      I had finished the article before we had gone to the restaurant. It is funny to watch how Alex eats all of the fish to the bones. He is so intent on picking it clean. :)


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