Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alex's Mathematical Video Conference Chat

Song:  Game Day

Group:  The Piano Guys

Alex started his Saturday with his regular studies.
After he finished his studies...we went on our Saturday bike ride.

As we have had to miss a few of our normal Saturday bike rides
due to the smoke from the forest fires in California...
we started back with a ride on our short route at Stampede Reservoir.

It was so good to be able to get back on the road.

We also decided to go on the short route because Alex 
had a Mathematical Video Conference Chat scheduled later this night
with some mathematically exceptional students from the Davidson Academy
 (who are also on the Northern Nevada Math Club team with Alex).

As it was to begin at 10:00 PM...
and after our bike ride we were to catch dinner at our favorite mountain cafe...
we decided to go on our short bike route.

Our minivan in the distance.

Alex had his usual grilled Salmon.

I had my usual flame grilled Cheese Burger.

Notice the difference between the top Sundae...

and this one?

I sure did!

I sent the top one back.

The waiter had substituted Chocolate Syrup...
for Hot Fudge!

(He was new...I had later learned.  He thought they had run out of Hot Fudge.
However, instead of telling me...he had tried to pass off an impostor!  

I can forgive a lot of things...
but Chocolate Syrup for Hot Fudge?  
That is almost unforgivable!  :)

A waitress brought me a correctly made Hot Fudge Sundae.

Alex had a slice of Cheese Cake...
and a scoop of ice cream
(When we had gotten home...Momma got upset.
This was Alex's second dessert in a week...
but I considered it a celebration of us getting back in the bike saddle  :)

Alex then showered and awaited the video chat.

At 10:00 PM...the video chat had begun.

The exceptionally brilliant young man
who had taken 3rd place in the State Mathcounts competition in the State of Nevada...
and had qualified for the Nationals (last year), had put the video conference chat together
(He had taken 1st place in Northern Nevada.
Alex had taken 2nd place in Northern Nevada...and 6th in the State of Nevada.
He was the one Alex had the final battle with at the public portion of the competition).

As he is one grade ahead of Alex...
and can no longer participate in Mathcounts competition...
he had decided to try to help out the competitors from Northern Nevada
who will be competing at this year's Mathcounts State competition
for a qualifying spot at the Nationals.

Alex was excited, as this was his first video conference chat.

Alex was a little shy during the conference.
As he felt a little awkward...he didn't speak much.
He did, however, deeply appreciate the chat...and especially, the math practice.

They had discussed, and worked on...
 previous years' State and National Mathcounts competition questions.

This video conference and study session went on until 1:00 AM!

It had turned out to be a Mathematical Midnight Madness!  :)

It was so good to have Alex involved in such an event.
What a great way for children to spend a Saturday night!

I have always been so impressed with the children from the Davidson Academy.

Besides being exceptionally gifted...
they are kind hearted...
and they display natural leadership qualities.

As Alex hadn't had his free time for Saturday...
after his three hour math session during the conference chat...
we let him stay up until he felt like going to bed (almost 2:30 AM).

Alex had worked hard all day Saturday...
but he was glad for the math session.

We are glad that Alex has the opportunity to know
such brilliant and driven children with whom he may share his passion with.


  1. How nice that the young man from Davidson organized this video chat. A very productive Saturday night indeed.

    Glad that you were able to get back out on your bikes. Are the fires dying down?

  2. The fires have died down and, most significantly...the winds have shifted. Yesterday, the air was crystal clear.

    Hopefully, they will have more of those video chats. Alex enjoyed it very much.


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