Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alex's 4.0 Reward From His School

Song:  O Fortuna

Rendition:  The Piano Guys

Alex received another 4.0 reward from his school.

So far, Alex has had a perfect 4.0 record since starting at Coral Academy of Science.

Alex feels so proud for doing well in school.
However, he also knows that it is only so because 
he puts in daily intelligently guided effort...into his studies.

As the whole family is once again ill
(When Alex gets ill...we all get ill...
even with protective measures in place at home).

Alex is mostly over his cold...
however, his mother is quite ill...
and I am coming down with, what feels like, the Flu.

I took Alex out to eat some Texas Barbecue.
He had gotten his favorite plate...
Barbecue Pork Ribs.

As my wife is not particularly fond of red meats...
after we had eaten our meal...
we stopped by a neighborhood Thai restaurant to pick up some
 Green Vegetable (with Tofu) Curry for my wife to eat at home
(she was in bed).

Alex finished up his Social Studies report.

It was a critical analysis of the Douglas / Lincoln debate.
The teacher had given the students two weeks to complete this task.

Alex's report is 41 typed pages long...
and I will post some of the highlights of it in my next article.


  1. Sorry that you all were ill last week. I hope that everyone is feeling better by now.

    1. Alex had the lightest symptoms. Still, just to be certain, we will take off a total of three weeks of physical training. This particular Flu, which had hit my wife and I, just lingers. Hopefully, it will subside soon.


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