Monday, September 2, 2013

A Simple Night Out For Alex

Song:  A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover)

Group:  The Piano Guys

 As today was a holiday...
it was just a relaxed day of simple fun.

After Alex had finished his studies for the day...
we started out the night with dinner.

We went out for Japanese food at Momiji Ramen.

Alex taking a photo with his iPad for his restaurant review.
Alex had taken the Tankatsu Plate.

I had the Katsu Curry.

My wife had the Miso Ramen.

 We then went to a family entertainment center...
where we played a round of BlackLight Miniture Golf.

We were also going to go GlowLight Bowling...
we had all forgotten that we need socks to wear the bowling shoes.

So we went back home...
with just a quick stop at a park a few miles from home.

The air is more clear here than it has been for weeks.

There had been some storm activity in the area...
with accompanying moderate winds...
of which had blown the smoke plume from
the Rim Fire (near Yosemite) away from Reno.

The air was nice and cool...
and the breeze was very refreshing.

Alex, and I, just strolled to the edge of the park to enjoy a simple sunset together.

Alex, and I, both love sunsets.

Even though this was not a spectacular sunset...
sometimes...simple can be beautiful.


  1. Looks like you had a nice sunset yourself this weekend, though that is probably not so unusual for you. I think that the clouds are one key to a good sunset... you need them to reflect the light and add "texture" but too many will get in the way of the sun itself.

  2. I fully agree. The clouds make all the difference in a beautiful sunset. I especially love the sunsets before, and after, a large storm. I simply love the way the reflected light from the clouds changes colors as the sun sets.


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