Thursday, August 15, 2013

Parent Teacher Meeting / Texas Barbecue

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Alex's school just started this week.

I went to a parent teacher meeting so I could talk with his
homeroom teacher (English).

I was very heartened by her persona.
She is young, energetic, and filled with passion for her subject.

She had great enthusiasm...
and I sensed a very caring heart for her students.

She seems to love what she is doing.

During our talk...
she told of her main educational goal for the year.

She stresses writing skills and analytical thinking.

She is to concentrate on argumentation...
so I would think that the essays will be of
 comparative or analytical analyses.

Alex should do especially well with these type of essays.

Alex also really likes her.

He is excited to be back in school.

I had told his teacher of Alex's Math essay (54 page)...
and she said she would accept it for extra credit.

We are also trying to arrange it so Alex could tutor 
students in math.

I had also talked with the Dean of Academics.

Alex's math skills make it hard for placement.

We are looking into various possibilities by priority.

1)  We are trying to look into getting Alex accepted
as a student at the University of Nevada Reno so he may
take advanced math there...and get dual credit.

2)  Take advanced math in the High School
(difficult due to scheduling at his school).

3)  Computer math programs at school.
(although easily scheduled...Alex loves learning in a classroom).

After school yesterday...
I decided to take Alex out to lunch at
a Texas style Barbecue place just a couple of miles from home.

There simply is nothing more Americana than
Texas Barbecue.

We often eat here.
The food is great...and the barbecue sauce is fantastic.

The meats are very flavorful...
tender, moist...they are just plain addictive.

The ice cream is free for all diners.

I really like this place.
I have never been to a better place for Barbecue.

Although Alex loves the ham and the chicken there...
for the first time, he had tried the barbecue ribs.
He loves them.  Now we have another dish Alex loves to eat.
Alex loves the barbecue sauce as well.

I had the polish sausage and beef brisket combo sandwich
(after this picture...I slathered the meats in more of their barbecue sauce).

How many places do you go where each bite is simply heaven?

We are so fortunate to have this place just minutes from our home.

Every once in a while...
I will just get this deep craving for the delicious slow smoked 
meats and the slightly sweet and tangy barbecue sauce from here
(they have the absolute BEST barbecue I have had in my life here).

Sometimes I will get this strong craving late at night 
for their food...and I just have to wait until they open 
to satisfy my gnawing hunger...
which only their food can satisfy (temporarily).

I've had this craving for the past three days...
and as a result...
I have eaten out here for the past three days  :)

This is also one of Alex's favorite restaurants.
He gets a big smile when I tell him we will eat out there.

The big difference from this place, and so many others...
is that they slow smoke the meats...
then they add their delicious barbecue sauce.

To have an insatiable appetite for...
and a love of...delicious food...
is to have an insatiable appetite for...
and a love of...the deliciousness of life.

This is just another thing that Alex, and I, have in common.

I cannot believe it...
I've made myself crave their heavenly barbecue...
from my own photos :)

I am going back there for lunch right after I post this  :)

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