Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Simple Pleasure In Reno For Alex

Song:  Dreams Of The Forgotten Child

Artist:  David Lanz

One of our simple pleasures in life, especially for Alex and I...
is to try new restaurants...and to revisit our favorite places to eat.

In Reno...
as there are many casinos and restaurants in an area which is not so heavily populated...
it gives us a unique chance to enjoy larger city pleasures while still enjoying
uncrowded living, and with its close proximity to great natural beauty...
we have the best of both worlds so easily, and inexpensively, at hand.

We visited a local Indian restaurant which features an all you can eat lunch buffet
(from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM - 7 days a week)
filled with very delicious Tandoori Chicken, different curries, Chicken Masala...
various vegetable dishes...a whole assortment of great food...
including fresh hot Naan taken to your table...
all for $7.95!
(India Kabab and Curry)

This is the first of two full plates I had eaten.
I love to dip the chicken into a Chutney mix.
I think they will tire of me eating there, as I regularly eat far more
than what is profitable for them (usually 8 pieces of chicken...more if I am really hungry...
along with Naan and an assortment of other dishes :)

The all you can eat Sushi places must feel the same way when I go there also.
I will often eat 50 to 60 pieces of Sushi...and 3 or so hand rolls 
(Jason Rolls - Cooked Scallops, Green Onion, favorite roll)
and at is only $18.00!
(high quality and a large variety at the Skywalk Terrace in the Atlantis Casino).

Both, Alex, and I, love Tandoori Chicken.
They make it very well there.
It is tender and juicy, as well as, very flavorful.

Alex's face brightens when I tell him that we will go try a new place to eat.
He is far more adventurous with his palate now
(and he loves to write reviews on them on Yelp).

Afterwards, we went to a chocolate store across the street.

This is a high quality chocolate store which specializes in Truffles.
I had Alex pick out several favorites.
He will then get to eat one a day as a special treat
(he normally doesn't eat dessert at home).

I got a couple to try...
the rest went to Alex, and his mother.

Alex eating one of his choices from the chocolates.
It is a well deserved treat for Alex.

My take on the "Life is like a Box of Chocolates" metaphor:
(and no, I don't think of it as was made famous in the movie "Forrest Gump")

Both, the quantity, and especially, the quality of rewards in life... 
are determined by the intelligent effort, as driven by passion, given.
The optimism to look toward the horizon for a dream to cherish and pursue...
the forethought to plot a correct course and to provision your ship...
the commitment to weather any storm...
the patience to sail through the doldrums and to see the journey through...
these are just the natural manifestations of realizing that each of us are 
the captains of our ships...and not merely the passengers.

With each objective completed toward your goal...
a new chocolate is created...and awaiting for you to savor...
in the box of chocolates.

The more efficient and effective the effort given...
the higher quality the chocolate.

The more suffering experienced...
the greater the sweetness of the chocolate.

It then becomes something so sacred as to be thoroughly savored...
and not squandered.

I love being able to put a smile on Alex's face.

He is studying so diligently every day.

His immediate goal is to prepare himself for 
future National and International Math competitions
(although he hasn't competed in an international contest...yet...
his rate of learning is putting it in the realm of possibility
within a few of years).

Of course, it is not the actual contest which will dictate
his future success and happiness in life...
but rather his commitment to his dream...
and the resulting discipline and drive which is a direct manifestation 
of the chasing of his passion in life...
which will determine his success and happiness.

Alex told me that he will be taking his Calculus II final exam this Sunday.
He has been doing very well in all of his studies.
In all of his other math courses he is steadily advancing...
not just in his math competition practice and core courses...
but in his learning to solve problems logically...
how to figure out how to properly set up and dissect the problems
through "The Art of Problem Solving".

In my next article...
I will speak of the reasons I speak in the manner I do.


  1. Your meal was enjoyable
    so was youR article !

    Your chicken reminds me of the dish my X husband cooked for me.

  2. You really know how to do eating out right! Your photos of the deletable treats you try always get me drooling. :)

    1. We are so fortunate that the Reno area is a place to entertain tourists. There are still so many places we have yet to visit. Specialty "all you can eat" buffets...I love them :)


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