Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Night Out For Alex - Dinner And Fountains

Song:  Inception

Artist:  Michael Ortega

Although we had gone here earlier...
this is just one of many of our nights out.

We love to eat out.

It is something in which we may look forward to...
and it is a nice way to reward Alex for all of his hard work.

I just love seeing Alex enjoy himself.

Alex, not only gets excited by going to new places...
he loves to review them on Yelp.

We first ate out al fresco at The Reef...
a Sushi restaurant just 15 or so minutes from home.

we crossed over a bridge to see some fountains on the other side of the Truckee River.

My wife says that people stare at Alex and I as we walk holding hands...
as if that were strange.  I think that it is so strange that more parents don't
hold their child's hand until much later in life.  They don't know how wrong they are.
If the world thinks otherwise...then the world is wrong.
Life is far too precious and short to not show more affection to those whom you love.

Say what should be said...Do what should be done.

There is simply no other way one should live life...
with free and open hearts and minds.

Alex has always loved water.

In a little over a week...
Alex's school will start.

Although we haven't yet come up with a firm idea for his science project...
I have already order some preliminary supplies for the direction
in which I think we will be going.

As I am still a little worn out by Thursday's Mammoth Mountain 
bike ride (Alex feels fine though :) ....
we had foregone our normal Saturday mountain bike ride.

Alex, and I, will watch another segment or two of the 
Korean Drama, "Winter Sonata".


  1. I can see I have a lot to catch up on your blog when I have more time. My son still likes to hold my hand, so I will treasure that until he no longer wishes to.

  2. I am very fortunate in that Alex still loves to hold my hand. He won't do it at his school when I pick him up, sometimes (which is is good he is socially conscious of his peers). His hand automatically goes to mine wherever we go. I know that someday he will feel the need for more independence...but until that day...I, too, shall treasure holding his hand while it lasts.


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