Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Gift Of A Tree - From Alex's Cousin And Aunt

Song:  Michael Meets Mozart

Group:  The Piano Guys

Alex received this card notifying him of a tree being planted
in his gifted to him from his Aunt Linda and his Cousin Christopher.

A picture from last year of his Aunt Linda and his Grandmother when they visited.

A picture from a few months ago of Alex's Cousin Christopher
when we had visited his (Alex's) Aunt Linda's family.

For the past month or so...
the air around Reno and Lake Tahoe has been smokey
from various forest fires throughout California.

As of today...
there are these fires still burning out of control.

This is a result of arson...
it simply has to be.

I've never seen so many uncontrolled forest fires all at once throughout California...
that was not caused by arson.

This particular forest fire is the one that has been occluding the sunlight 
in the normally crystal clear air of Reno and Lake Tahoe.

There hasn't been a fire in this particular area in over 100 years.

This is a picture of it
(not my photo).

We had some slight rain last night...
and some high winds which had cleared out the air in Reno.

All of today, the air was, once again, crystal clear.

However, so long as this particular fire burns out of control...
the smoke will be back.

They believe this particular one will continue to burn for weeks.

Of course...
this is nothing compared to much larger disasters
around the world.

It is just the largest natural event in this area...
in a long time.

I just think of it as...
there has been a little Hell introduced into this slice of Heaven...
by some little Devil  :)


  1. At Yellowstone, we saw that a large portion of the park had burned during the huge fire in 1998. It was good to see, though, that young trees emerged and are growing where the large old ones once stood. So, as long as people don't get hurt and houses don't burn down, a forest fire can be a healthy part of the conical helix of life. :)

  2. True... for small ones...they are a healthful part of the forest. They keep the floor from gathering too much flammable substances (and so the wisdom of controlled burns). However, the major problem comes when the forest services put out every little fire...the detritus builds until what would have been a forest floor fire (and would have burned out naturally)...turns into a conflagration involving fire going from tree to tree from the tops...which then kills whole patches of forests. The forest service could make millions just by...instead of doing controlled burns...dozing the top most detritus (just the dangerous build up) and using it as fertilizer for farms.

    Ah...very good :)...Conical Helix of Life...I see you had read the previous article :)


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