Saturday, August 17, 2013

10 Miles Of Beauty - Truckee River Bike Trail

Song:  Bamboo Flute with Nature Sounds

It was just a little over 40 minutes to the biking route just across from
the Squaw Valley entrance.

I decided to take this new route for today's long bike ride...
as I am 53 years old...
and my legs have not yet fully recovered from our Mammoth Mountain bike ride.

This is a gentler path than our new Boca Reservoir ride.

Alex, and I, ended up biking from point B to the mouth of the Truckee River
as it is fed from Lake Tahoe...and back.

This is the gateway to California from Nevada...
it is but 10 minutes or so...from home.

It is a familiar sight...
but one I never tire of.

It is the sign of a new adventure for us.

The air is unusually smokey.
There is still a large forest fire burning in California.

Our starting point...
just across from the Squaw Valley entrance.

We got to our starting point and Alex unloaded the bikes.

This is the paved bike path that leads to the mouth of the 
Truckee River.  It runs beside it the whole way.
This section is but a third of a mile or so.

We then cross over the river on a bike bridge.

The whole bike path is fairly level...
and filled with beautiful scenery.

This is a spot for people rafting down the Truckee to leave the river.

We were treated to beautiful views of mountains, trees, and meadows.

We stopped here to soak our heads with the cool Truckee River water.

It was a mild day...
and there was a constant cool breeze blowing...
but a hair full of cool water is always welcome.

We continued on...

until we came across a map.

Alex is pointing to our starting point and the red mark is where we were then.
We were only half way.

As the sun was setting...
I decided that we had better go back.

We drank some water...
and then went back to our starting point
(we would return to this point by car to restart our journey).

Our Minivan is parked at the end of this bike trail.

As there was still plenty of light left...
I decided to drive back to our halfway turn around point...
and finish our journey.

We got back on the path for the second half of the trek.

We finally reached our goal. 
 This is the beginning of the Truckee River as it flows from Lake Tahoe.

We departed to return to our Minivan at the halfway point.

We made it back...
loaded up...
and drove back to the beginning of the Truckee River...
where we had seen a nice restaurant next to the river.

Dining Al Fresco...
the only way to fully enjoy a meal.

Alex kept himself busy while we waited to be seated (less than 15 minutes).

We had views of the Truckee River as we ate.

It was a beautiful evening.  
Just the right temperature...
a cool breeze...
and the slight aroma of burning wood in the air.

This was their outside bar.
There was the music of Pink Floyd and U2 playing as we ate
(just the right volume...not too loud).

The moon was rising as I was eating.

I am a Mountain Man at heart.

I love the altitude...
the fresh crisp air...
the crystal clear water...
the mountain ridges and peaks...
 the trees, and the aroma of campfires burning.

Being able to enjoy a hearty meal while in the outdoors
is always special.

Alex got the Louisiana style Barbecue pork ribs.

I had gotten a mountain burger.

Alex eats his ribs using a fork :)

From this restaurant at the beginning of the Truckee River...
we got home in 45 minutes.

We had experienced 10 miles of biking bliss.
When we want a nice leisurely bike ride...
we will come back.  

It is paved the whole way...
the river is beside us the whole way...
the scenery is just beautiful...the whole way.

Another successful route to keep in our quiver.

I am still looking for that special Autumn route...
but for an easy scenic route...
this one can not be beat.


  1. Wow, another great bike trail! Love the scenery! And, yes, you don't need to do a Mammoth Mountain-type ride every week.

    I think good food tastes even better when consumed outdoors, particularly after nice exercise like you two had. Looks like you found a great spot!

  2. Wow, next time I come up I will bring my bike. I would love to ride that with you guys! Beautiful scenery makes the ride that much more amazing.

  3. Yuji: I had found a good resource of bike trails...and through it, I had found many hundreds of miles of trails. We had seen this restaurant as we were biking past it near the end of the trail. Dining Al Fresco...any restaurant that offers this...they are half way to greatness already :)

  4. Unknown: Yes, and this is a perfect beginner's route. There are so many picturesque views. I would have taken even more photos, but near the end, we were racing the sun. My bike carrier holds four bikes, so it would be a perfect opportunity to see some great scenery at a leisurely pace.


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