Monday, July 29, 2013

Alex's Paper On "The Shortcuts Of Calculus: Two Methods Of Differentiation And Integration" - I

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Just a week ago...
Alex decided that he wanted to write up a guide on Calculus.

He will be submitting this paper when school 
starts again in a couple of weeks.

He hopes to receive extra credit for it.

Writing papers on various topics is one of Alex's hobbies.

Alex just did this in his free time after all of his normal studies...
and all of our activities were done
(he still had time to enjoy other things everyday).

He said that he didn't want to write it all up in a day or so...
as it would have seemed to be work instead of just enjoyment.

Alex decided to write this guide when he said he noticed
that he could make some shortcuts in calculus that he has never seen before
(not to say that they do not already exist...just that Alex came up with these
independent of any source.  He said that he analyzed for patterns and realized
a shortcut using factorials. Alex's shortcuts are described in figures 2-1 and 2-3
(in the next article...Pages 16 and 18).

Alex thought that by describing his shortcuts...
as well as other known shortcuts... 
he could help others who are learning Calculus.

Alex is almost finished with his Calculus II course at home.

As this paper is 55 pages long...
I will be spreading it out over many articles.

Alex is especially taken with the idea of, one day...
writing his Masters' and Doctoral Theses at University.

He considers this as preparation for
the completion of some of his objectives toward his goals.

Alex has been researching Doctoral Theses, and he hopes to, one day...
make some valuable contributions to the field of Math or Science.

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