Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alex's First Two Days At The Stanford University Study

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Artist:  Ludovico Einaudi

Alex waiting for the first segment of the study...
the I.Q. / Math assessment.

This was the waiting room for us while Alex was being tested.
Alex enjoyed the I.Q. / Math assessment.
He said they had gone into Calculus questions.

After the assessment...
that was it for the first day.

We then went to a nearby place to eat dinner.

We had walked around before finally settling on a Mediterranean restaurant.

We then went to my elder sister's home to get some early rest.

Early the next day...
we stopped by a nearby Japanese market to pick up something to eat
before heading back to Stanford University.

We arrived early...
so we decided to look around the campus.

This was a particularly nice area to look around and to rest before 
the second day of testing took place.

The Stanford University "S".

We rested in the shade for a while...
then we decided to look around some more.

We went to a campus museum and cafe... to kill time.

We are just outside the building for Alex's next phase.
He was put in an MRI machine...
and was asked to answer questions while they scanned his brain
(he was watching a screen inside the machine... and he had a handheld unit
through which he depressed the appropriate key to answer the questions posed).

Alex with one of the researchers.
The MRI machine is in the background. 

Alex had spent almost 2 hours in the MRI machine.

The researcher said that Alex may be considered for future studies
into exceptionally gifted children.

The man was operating the MRI machine.

The woman had printed out many images of Alex's brain for us.

This concluded the day's session.

We stopped by some nearby fountains before heading off campus to eat dinner.

We ate at a Japanese restaurant.
My wife's dinner.

My dinner.

Alex's dinner.
He is such a big eater now :)

We, again, went back to my elder sister's house to just relax before bedtime.


  1. Wow.... If you are going to call me elder sister.... Please dye your hair.... Haha. Loved to picture of Alex standing before the picture of the thinker.

  2. Alex had conducted himself well considering all of the changes throughout the day. He had fun and had some great experiences at your home. Thank you again.

  3. I had seen a bit of the Stanford campus years ago and thought it was beautiful... more like a resort than a college campus.

    It will be interesting to hear what the researchers learn from studying Alex's brain (and those of other kids).

  4. Stanford was a nice change from other university campuses I have seen. We will be requesting as much information on Alex as they will give us. Just the many prints of his MRI scans they have already given us was worth the trip.


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