Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alex Visiting His Aunt In The San Francisco Bay Area

Song:  In Un'Altra Vita

Artist:  Ludovico Einaudi

We left for the Stanford University study last Friday.

We stayed at my elder sister's house.
She lives just 20 or so minutes from Stanford University.

We are at my elder sister's house.
Alex exercised on this indoor exercise bike every night (we stayed 4 nights there).

Next to Alex, is his cousin Christopher.
He is my elder sister's eldest son.

We went to a Korean Bar-B-Que restaurant for dinner.
The man sitting next to my elder sister (in red) is her husband...James.
My mother is sitting next to Alex.
My nephew Christopher is next to me...
and with him, is his girlfriend...Kristen.

Both of them go to the same University.
Christopher is working on his Psychology degree.
Kristen is working on her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Throughout the night...
my nephew, and I, had a lively discussion on human behavior and politics.

Alex showing my mother his iPad.

We had a great meal at The Korean Palace.

They make Bulgogi correctly there.

Alex's grandmother getting a big hug from him.

We spent Saturday - Monday (most of each day)...
at Stanford University.

On Monday night...
we visited Santa Cruz for dinner.

On Tuesday...
we left my elder sister's house for San Francisco...
and then to home in Reno.

As there are numerous photos...
I will have to break this trip into 5 or 6 articles.


  1. I've got a lot to catch up on... looks like you had a nice feast at the Korean BBQ. How nice it must have been to have the whole family together when you don't see each other so often.

  2. We love that restaurant. We often use it as our family gathering restaurant. I am still searching for a really good Korean Bar-B-Que in Reno.


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