Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alex At San Francisco III - Wax Museum / Rainforest Cafe

Song:  Walking In The Air (finger style guitar)

Artist:  Zane Charron

Some pictures of Alex with the bear and gorilla were also taken many years ago
when Alex was much younger (in much earlier articles).

They make good comparative shots with these.

We just stopped in at the Rainforest Cafe to grab this shot of Alex with the gorilla.
We would first go to the Wax Museum and then we would return here for dinner.

Alex at the Wax Museum.
This was of famous scientists.

This was a hollywoodized mockup of an electric chair.
The set up involved a sign saying that by sitting in the chair...
the person would receive the "shock" of his life.

Just across the chair is what appears to be a mirror.
When the person grabs the handles...
a light on the other side of the "mirror" shows
a startling wax figure staring back at the person...
and a well timed flash occurs, and a photo is taken.

At a shop just a little ways further, the photos of the startled person is for sale
(we got one of Alex).

Sadly...this was the only attraction in the museum that was worth while.
The museum is simply not what it used to be.  
It is shortened...
and the quality of the figures is poor compared to decades ago.

We then went to the Rainforest Cafe.

The ambiance at the Rainforest Cafe is still fantastic.

Just for this...
if one has not gone...
it is a must experience in San Francisco...
at least once.

I had gotten a bit sunburned from earlier in the day.
The seating was comfortable (we always try to get booths if possible).

The top photo is without flash.
It shows the natural subdued lighting.

The bottom photo is with flash.

Alex had...
what else?

Grilled Salmon

I had Rotisserie Chicken.
It was a bit dry
(which is inexcusable in a Rotisserie Chicken)...
however, the Caribbean Rice was great.

One of the salt water tanks near our booth.

On our way out.
We had stopped by the portions of the restaurant which had given it
such an interesting and unique atmosphere.

The restaurant entrance is below.
The footprints guide the dinners to the table areas.

Every half an hour...
these elephants come to life.
They move their heads and trumpet out some calls.

The ceiling is also very much part of the experience.

We left the restaurant...
walked to the garage...
and drove through the city...
across the Bay Bridge...
and towards home.

A picture of Alcatraz (above) and Coit Tower (below) from the parking garage
as we were preparing to leave for home
(the fog was rolling in).

A picture of the Transamerica building as we were making our way
to the Bay Bridge.

During the drive home...
Alex kept himself busy with his iPad.

We got home at just before midnight.

While we had a great time during our stay at my elder sister's house...
it is always good to be back home.

We relaxed at home today (Wednesday)...
but tomorrow, we shall be going to Lake Tahoe
for the 4th of July fireworks over the lake.

Hopefully, we can find a good spot to view them.

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