Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alex At San Francisco II - Aquarium of the Bay

Song:  Crossing The Sweetwater

Artists:  Oswald - Goeckeritz

After our RocketBoat ride...
we went to Aquarium of the Bay.

We first saw the Aquarium...
and we then went to a 3D movie on sharks.

We all enjoyed the Aquarium.

It is well laid out...
and had numerous interesting attractions.

We especially loved the Moon Jellyfish.

The acrylic tubes through the large salt water tanks were very interesting.
They let the viewers have an immersive experience.

This is the same spot where Alex was attempting to count the circling school of small 
fish over 7 years ago (there is a picture of him doing so in a much earlier article).

Near the end...
they had a tank of fish with a crawl space in which children could pop up
into the acrylic dome to get an inside view of the tank.

Alex had enjoyed our revisit here.

The Aquarium of the Bay is another must see at Pier 39.

It is very peaceful inside...
a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Pier.

From here...
we saw the 3D movie...
and then walked up Fisherman's Wharf to see
the Wax Museum and to eat Dinner.


  1. I never did the Aquarium of the Bay... my son would love it. We will have to visit San Francisco with him.

  2. I am sure he would really like it. It isn't really big...but it is well done. The walk through tubes really allow you to fully enjoy the fish.


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