Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alex At San Francisco I - Pier 39 / RocketBoat

Song:  The Voice

Group:  Moody Blues

This is our last day in California.
We are atop the parking garage for Pier 39.

We love San Francisco...
especially Pier 39.

We are walking across the bridge connecting the garage...
and Pier 39.

We walked around a little.

This is the RocketBoat.
It is a high speed water jet boat which takes people on the bay for
1/2 an hour of 50 mph S turns...
wake jumping...
and fast 180 turns.

Our turn is coming soon.

We first stopped in at a hall of mirrors maze for some light fun.

We finally got our turn on this boat.
During two previous trips...
the boat wasn't available.

We are just headed out from the pier...
and the captain did a 360 before picking up speed.

We got splashed multiple times with high speed bow spray.

The captain did multiple high speed 180 turnabouts.

We are in the process of a 180.

We are in the middle of a series of high speed S turns.

This boat ride was everything I had hoped.

It was one long waterborne roller coaster ride with spray and views.

Although our shirts were soaked by the random walls of spray...
my wallet did not take a soaking.

It was only $24.00 per adult...
less for children.

It was very much worth it.

It is a must experience for any person visiting San Francisco
(except those who cannot normally ride roller coasters...
or who have spinal conditions.  We had hit the water hard a few times
after jumping the wakes of other water craft).

The one thing that made it most worth while?

Even after receiving a face full of sea water on multiple occasions...

Alex had an absolute blast!

The day was not yet half done though.

In the next two articles...
I will cover the remainder of Alex's day in San Francisco.


  1. I've enjoyed visiting Pier 39 on my visits to San Francisco - such a fun place. That RocketBoat is quite a ride... I'm sure my son would be too scared to ride it, and perhaps me, too. :)

  2. We had such a great time on that boat! My shirt had gotten soaked...but it was worth it.


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