Saturday, June 1, 2013

The First Day Of 2013 National ARML - Las Vegas

Song:  Leap Of Faith

Group:  Future World Music

I am writing this article from our Las Vegas Hotel (South Point).

This is our 3rd day here...
Alex's Math Team has just finished the last phase of the ARML competition.

We are going to spend the rest of the evening on the Las Vegas strip...
watching the free attractions in front of the various hotels.

We will then drive back to Reno tomorrow afternoon.
We arrived a day early so Alex could get some quality sleep.

We ate in the Hotel's Japanese restaurant.

Alex then reviewed some math problems for the following day's competition.

I am walking Alex, and one of his teammates, to the UNLV dorms for 
a practice session before the first phase of competition later on this day's evening.

The math team had some snacks and had run through some problems.

The math team's moto:

Driven by passion, we shall strive.

Achieving through precision, we shall conquer.

NNV Math club heading towards their first phase competition team room.

They are awaiting the competition proctor at their designated room.
There were some 40 - 50 separate teams in this competition.

 In Las Vegas...
all of the Western Region up to Colorado competed here
(there were 3 other locations in the US).

Also here... were many foreign competitive teams
(China, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea,Vietnam competing in
a simultaneous International ARML during the ARML Nationals). 

In the first phase...
the team broke up into smaller teams...
and then later operated as one team.

No calculators were allowed...
and each room had a proctor.

We waited outside this room during the actual competition.

Alex, and one of his teammates. 
 Both of them are from Coral Academy of Science.

Alex is a 7th grader...
and the young man on the right is a 10th grader
(ARML is a High School Competition).

NNV Math Club...
they represented the State of Nevada in the Nationals.

The team after the first phase of competition.

They then went to the Student Union for a presentation from a Math Professor.

Kevin Wang was at one time...
the International winner for the Math Olympiad (many years ago).

During his presentation...
he had challenged the competitors to solve problems which were
presented by him.

Alex got a small prize for being the first one to solve this problem
(he did it in a few seconds in his head...he turned to us and told us the answer.
He was reluctant to raise his hand at first...
I told him to do so...and he was correct).

After the presentation (ended at 9:30 PM)...
we drove back to our Hotel...

ate dinner....

then went back to our room to get a good night's sleep.
We had to wake up on the next day at 6:15 AM to be ready for
the final phases of the competition in the morning.

In the next article...
I will cover the final phases of the competition...
and the winners of the International competition.


  1. Alex and the team look like they were enjoying the experience. So wonderful that Alex can participate in something like this. I'm sure he did well... can't wait to find out more. (Nice job of building the suspense :)

    1. They really enjoyed themselves. This was the first time to compete for the newly formed NNV Math Club. Alex will be able to participate in the next 5 competitions. Their team did well for being such a young team (5 members are middle schoolers).

      I will give their placement in the nation in my next article tomorrow.

      Alex is looking forward to next years competition.


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