Monday, June 3, 2013

The Final Day Of The 2013 ARML Nationals And Internationals

Song:  World Of Dreams

Group:  Future World Music

This was just a short while before the final day of competition.

NNV Math Club is in the red shirts...
Alex is just in front of the boy in the blue sweat shirt.

The team in the pink (team 1) were the National Champions (A League)...
from the San Francisco Bay Area
(team 2 took 4th).

I know how smart these kids are.
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area
(Silicon Valley)...
and no...
I was NOT one of the smart ones  :)

This was NNV Math Club's first competition.
They were in the B league.

For having 5 of their members in Middle School...
in an elite High School competition...
they didn't do so poorly
(30th out of 55 in the B league - nation wide).

These young mathematicians are some of the brightest in the world
(all four of the world's top teams were competing here in Las Vegas...
among many others from Asia)...

For the International winners:

1st place...China
2nd place...Macau
3rd place...Indonesia / Korea

Alex relaxing after the initial stages of the final day.

We went off campus to eat lunch.

Alex enjoying his grilled Salmon.

This is the whole team.

These are the Middle Schoolers of the team.

These are the High Schoolers of the team.

These are all of the team members who are 
Davidson Academy Young Scholars.

The National Champions...
The Pink Team (San Francisco Bay Area).

Alex saying good bye to his team.
They won't meet again until August.

Alex is looking forward to next year's competition.

After this...
I dropped off one of his team members at the airport...
and we went back to the hotel to rest...
and we then went out to the Las Vegas strip for a couple of hours
later that night (next article).


  1. A great experience for Alex and all the young participants. I am sure he and his team will perform even better next time.

    (Will Alex be attending Davidson in the fall?)

  2. He will be testing this fall for the following year. It is all or nothing this time. They will either accept him (he is more than academically ready)...or they will not (based upon something in which we cannot change to any great degree quickly enough).

    1. His current school has been so good for him. If Davidson does not accept him, I think Alex will still be in an excellent situation.

  3. Yes...we have many options to consider. His present school has plans to really further him in his math. Which ever route we will ultimately be for Alex's long term benefit. I am hoping that Davidson will be able to see past his minor affective traits to see the hidden gem that he is.


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