Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Alex's Guide To Elementary Physics - III

Song:  Oltremare

Artist:  Ludovico Einaudi

This is the last chapter of Alex's guide to elementary physics.

There will be one more article covering References, Glossary, and Formulas.

As I had explained before...
this was an exercise I had Alex do to familiarize himself with basic Physics...
to exercise his report writing skills...
to form the basis for his later work on his science project...
and for a paper he will attempt to get extra credit for in science
when school begins in August.

Once again...
tomorrow, I shall conclude Alex's paper with
a listing of References, a Glossary, and Formulas.


  1. It is amazing that Alex can prepare such detailed text when he is only now learning about physics. Great idea to help him to learn the material quickly, and I'm sure it prepares him well for school, too.

  2. Alex just has so much fun putting together guides of all types. He will work on his guides for hours and hours at a time. They are just so interesting to him...the research...the structure of the papers...everything. When he is in the middle of one of his guides...he will forego most everything else until he finishes it.


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