Monday, June 3, 2013

Alex's First Time On The Las Vegas Strip (After ARML)

Song:  Caribbean Blue

Artist:  Enya

This was Alex's first time on the Las Vegas strip.

With the ARML competition over...
Alex could just relax and take in the views.

We were going to take in the Pirate show...
however, we decided to skip it in favor of seeing other attractions.

After walking around for a bit...
we decided to go into the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.

As nice as it was inside...
it was nothing compared to the Venetian
(which we went to on the following day).

We stopped for the night and took a shuttle back to our hotel for the night.
We slept in, and then drove to eat lunch...and then saw the Venetian.

Alex will be competing next year in the ARML at Las Vegas.

We will see more of the strip then.

On the way home we passed several other hotel/casinos.

The Excalibur

New York...New York

The Luxor

The very bright beam of light projecting upwards is not visible in this photo.

The shuttle driver told us that the tens of thousands of flying objects visible 
in the beam...were bats.  They were attracted by all of the flying insects flying
in the beam of light.

After our showers...
we finally bedded down after 2:00 AM.

We slept in until 10:30 AM...
checked out of the hotel...
and then drove to an off strip Dim Sum eatery...
then off we went to the Venetian
(and 103 degree heat.  Thankfully...
we only felt the heat on the walk from the outside of Treasure Island...
to the Venetian...just across the street via a pedestrian overpass).

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