Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alex On His Mountain Bike In Truckee, CA

Song:  Fly Away

Artist:  Lenny Kravitz

We are en route to the Overland Trail exit in Truckee, CA.

It is but 1/2 an hour away from home.

This ride was just for starting, stopping, slowing, and gear change practice (21 speed).

We also practiced immediate reaction drills.

I had to get him used to following a directive without question.

If I see him going too fast...
when I say slow...
he must immediately slow.

If I say stop...
he must immediately stop...
no arguing.

This is a safety measure in case I sense danger ahead
when we start down hill riding.

It also applies when he starts driving.

We took a bike route West of the Overland trail.

I chose this as a learning bike path for Alex since it is paved...
and there are no motorized vehicles.

Initially, Alex had a hard time starting because the bike is so big for him (29" wheels).
However, he will grow into it...and he can reach the ground while seated
 if he extends his foot.

We are planning on one long bike ride a week...
and for a while...
many shorter ones during the other days.

After Alex gets used to the bike...
we will start going on level off road biking...
and then progress to more difficult runs.

I will have to get more comfortable seats for these bikes if we are to go
any appreciable distance on them.

I will also have to get a far more rugged bike carrier.
Some of the vehicle attachment webbing is starting to fray.

I am also presently putting together an emergency medical kit
which I will have in my backpack for our off road rides.

I will describe our off road kit in a future article.

As for tomorrow...
Alex will do his normal studies...
and he will be working on an essay...
and we will discuss a possible direction for next school year's science project
(I will have to start securing the equipment early).

I will be putting together a guide to the basic laws and concepts 
for the physical sciences, to not only get Alex ahead in his studies....
but so we may also plan an especially interesting project 
using these fundamental concepts.

We also plan to practice more mountain bike riding on our neighborhood trails...
Mammoth Mountain is calling our name  :)

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