Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alex Completed Intro To Physics - Udacity

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About three weeks ago...
Alex started Udacity's on line introductory course on Physics.

It covered 7 chapters of the basics of Physics.

Alex finished it, and received his certificate...
with highest distinction.

Alex was taking this course...
along with a Statistics course (he is halfway through)...
his Calculus II course (he is almost done)...
in conjunction with his other daily studies.

Alex does all of these courses 
(along with all of his other daily studies)
on his own on a daily basis...
after which I engage him with his reading comprehension
and critical reasoning practice...
and we then finish up with his physical training.

Alex just loves learning new things.

He is presently reading one of his Science books:

Alex loves reading on the sofa...
in his "spot"  :)

Below is a few pictures of Alex's actual Physics guide as he had printed it out:

Alex hopes to get extra credit for his 30 page Physics guide...
(from his science class) shortly after school starts in early August.

We will be taking Alex out to eat shortly.
He will get to enjoy Indian food tonight
(he loves Tandoori Chicken and Naan).

It is always such a pleasure to see Alex enjoy himself.

He always works so hard to prepare for his future.
He deserves all of life's simple pleasures...
as he has already earned them.


  1. With Alex breezing through courses like Physics and Calculus, it is mind boggling to think what he will be studying in high school (and college).

  2. I, too, wonder. Pretty soon, I won't be able to help him with many of his courses. Alex is looking forward to higher education. I can hardly wait to see how the future unfolds.


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