Sunday, May 19, 2013

NNVMath Club's Last Practice Session Before The ARML Nationals

Song:  Dogs Of War

Group:  Pink Floyd

Today's last practice before the ARML nationals
involved a mock Power Round.

The group divides the problems among the team members...
some work together...some alone...
each must either solve a problem...
or resolve another's in order to verify their answer.

They must then write the answer, or the verification, on the board.

Alex writing his answer on the board
(he worked alone).

The members are hard at work.

They are preparing for intellectual combat...
they are preparing for mathematical war.

Although this is a new, and very young team...
they should do fine...
and at the very least...
they will get very valuable experience from each yearly competition...
in which they may apply to all successive ones.

This last meeting was also to run over last minute coordination 
of travel arrangements and the assignment of parental responsibilities
at the contest.

We are going to arrive a day early so Alex may have a good night's sleep
on the day of the competition.

We will also stay over an extra night after the 2nd (and last) day of the competition.

Our hotel is booked and we are ready to go in a couple of weeks.

After Alex's session...
we went back to the Nugget Casino to try a different restaurant.

We tried Rosie's Cafe.

This Cafe was on TV's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Alex tried the Catfish in cornbread coating
(a new food for Alex).

He liked it (he usually likes fish).

I have been wanting to try the "Awful Awful" burger.

This one was the center food of the TV segment.

While it wasn't bad...
it simply wasn't so... "Tasty Tasty"  :)

I had high hopes for this burger...
I was disappointed.

However, it is the price of trying new places.
 We shall continue our adventure regardless.

We will just chalk this up as one of the places in which we shall not return...
and so, the adventure continues.

P.S. - So what makes a good burger?

Two words...

Without it...
it is just another burger.

With it...
it has the potential for greatness.

rant over  :)


  1. I guess you will have to make your own Tasty Tasty burger on your new grill this weekend. :)

  2. We had our Bar-B-Que just a while ago. Although I must still work on my grilling skills...things turned out much better this time. Alex's Salmon turned our great. I'll be making an article on the B-B-Q tonight.


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