Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alex's Self Designed Science Final Test

Song:  Rise

Artist:  John Dreamer

In preparation for Alex's finals in Life Science...
besides his normal review...
Alex had asked his teacher if he could design a practice final exam...
and get extra credit for it.

His teacher agreed, so, this evening, Alex typed up his practice final Science exam...
which he will turn in tomorrow.

It took Alex 2-3 hours to design and type up this final exam.

He loves designing his own tests...
and it is an excellent way to study.


Alex always has a lot of fun designing his own tests.

For Home Schoolers...
this is a good exam for Life Science.

I included the whole test so home schooling parents may use it.


  1. Very impressive that Alex can design this all in one evening. It seems like it would be challenging just to take the test (particularly with the essay questions), let alone designing it and coming up with all the answers.

  2. Making tests is fun for Alex. He has great concentration and patience when he is doing something he loves. His teacher gave him full credit for this exercise.


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