Monday, May 13, 2013

Alex Celebrating His Mother's Special Day

Song:  1 Hour Epic Orchestral Montage

Alex started the day by making this Mother's Day card
(Alex is giving his mother a bouquet of flowers in his picture).

Alex did some studying...
and then we went sitting at a nearby fishing pond
(we caught no fish...therefore...we just sat :)

We just traveled for 15 minutes to Crystal Peaks Park...
in the town of Verdi...
which is just West of Reno.

We only stayed for a couple of hours.

As this is our 4th time out and we have yet to catch any fish...
I must conclude that...
there are no fish!

perhaps I must read up on how to be a better fisherman :)

I, of course, have been turning our lack of results into a lesson for life...
that of patience  :)

The park is next to the Truckee river.

We departed with enough time for Alex to do his Sunday weight training at home...
and to grab a shower...and then we were off to a new restaurant 
that his mother had chosen for Mother's Day.

His mother had chosen a newly opened Sushi restaurant in downtown Reno.
It offers dining inside or outside on the lanai with a view of the Truckee river.
As it was a little windy...we elected to eat inside.

Sunday through stays open until 10 PM.
On Fridays and is open until 1 AM!

We had given our name...
and we had to wait for 20 minutes.

Alex patiently waited for our name to come up on the list...
while his iPad kept him busy.

The Truckee River flows through the center of Reno.

Their appetizers were excellent.
These were crab stuffed mushrooms...
and all of the crab they served was real crab!

Alex had eaten the crab cakes
(which were delicious).

They had taken out the attachment points and had cut the mussels
in half for easy eating.

Alex tried 5 different types of food today...
the crab hand roll...Maguro...Tekka Maki...the Mickey (right most pieces)
(he still won't try the Unagi - the center pieces in the photo)

and the 5th and final one...
we had to really convince him to try...
however, he finally relented and tried...
the Strawberry Parfait
( begging or pleading necessary :)

We plan to eat outside on our next visit.

His mother had a good time.
She always works very hard in her research 
for ways of improving Alex's opportunities in life.

She is also halfway through an online University level Coursera course
on neurotransmitters and their effects on 
impulsive / compulsive behavior...
along with ADHD and other 
non neuro typical states of being.

She claims that this course allows her to understand ME more!  :) :) :)

Alex has less than 3 weeks until the national ARML competition.

He is preparing himself for it everyday.

He says he can hardly wait for our trip to Las Vegas for the competition.

Alex is so unique in his bright outlook in life.
Everything in life is beautiful to him...
and he is always looking forward to the future.

THAT is the way to live life...
by looking into the future

(I will explain myself in my next article).


  1. Such a nice Mother's Day! I never realized that Reno was a mecca for good sushi! What is a Mickey?

    Regarding fishing, have you seen anyone else bring up a fish in all the different spots you have tried? I wonder if the fish are just further out in deeper waters right now. Also, when you cast out your line, do you just let it sit or do you slowly reel it back in? I'm thinking that moving the lure/bait may help. I really think you should try to talk with someone at a bait shop and find out where to go and what type of bait to use. You know that going through all this will make that first fish extra special! :)

  2. Reno is famous in this area for many all you can eat Sushi places. I believe the Mickey was seared tuna, avocado, and crab.

    Actually, Fall is the biggest fishing time here for Trout. I also believe you are correct about the Trout being in deeper waters. So far, I have seen no one else catching anything...although, for the most part...I try to stay away from all others.

    We have tried casting and bobber fishing. I am going to have to do more research on fishing techniques and places that are active this time of year. I bought an extra large Bar-B-Que for fish over 2 feet I too much of an optimist? :)


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