Friday, May 24, 2013

A Bar-B-Que In Alex's Honor

Song:  Come Saturday Morning

Group:  The Sandpipers

This is still one of my favorite songs.
I had first heard it when I was 9 or 10 years old.

It reminds me of happy times in my childhood...
of wide open fields, rivers, lakes...
and of Bar-B-Ques.

Today was our Bar-B-Que for Alex.

It was to honor his 2100 SAT score.

The last time we had Bar-B-Qued was almost a year ago...
when Alex had taken his first SAT.

We are so tremendously proud of Alex.

Although this was to honor Alex...
I am so honored to be Alex's father.

His drive to excel, his gentleness, and his happiness in life
are what make me feel so fortunate in life.

A big difference from our original Bar-B-Que that we had used 
to celebrate Alex's 2012 SAT.

Our old Bar-B-Que  :)

We shall now use the old one for camping trips.

I had Alex light the Q.

He was very cautious of the fire.

I was glad to see this.

It is carelessness in a child that leads to accidents.

I was showing Alex how the coals are not ready to cook over
until they are all white.

Alex helping put on the first rack of food.

This salmon was all for Alex
(he ate it all...and some sausage).

The salmon was light, flaky, and juicy.
Alex loved it.

This was our second rack of food.

Alex enjoying a well deserved special desert of Red Velvet cake.

Earlier today...
we met with the High School Dean.

We were discussing possible alternative classes for Alex...
for next year.

He is quite bored in his math classes at school
(even though they had put him in with the high school students for 
one of his math classes).

The Dean promised to look into possibly
having Alex attend the University of Nevada in Reno for Math
(and getting dual credit for it).

I had told him that, as I am retired, I could take him there at any time...
and stay there until he is ready to return...
and if need be...I could attend the classes with him.

Other alternatives discussed was possibly having a University professor...
or even some advanced students from the University
 going to Coral Academy to teach Alex there...
or having Alex take Math on-line at school...
and going at his own pace (essentially challenging the courses).

We may also have Alex take at least two math classes at a time 
instead of having an Elective.

Alex's school has been very accommodating to us.

Alex's future is so bright...
filled with so much hope and happiness...
I cannot help but be optimistic about the events yet to unfold.

As for today...
it was a time for celebration.

Good food...
Good times.

It was a good day.


Post Script:

It is now the day after the Bar-B-Que.

I have had a chance to eat the Kababs I had made the night before...

The Good:  They are well preserved.

The Bad:  Only because they are now Jerky  :)

I had a burger last night.

The Good:  No chance at getting E. Coli infection from them.

The Bad:  They came out as dry as cardboard.

In conclusion, I must say...

I have improved 50%...
only half the food was ruined this time  :)
(the fish, the steak, and the sausages had turned out great)


  1. Nice grill! And quite a feast! Nice to have such a celebration in honor of Alex.

    I find that grilling kababs is difficult as the different items on the skewer cook at different rates. Plus, it is often hard to turn them evenly. And hamburgers vary depending on the thickness, and they generally cook faster than steaks so you have to adjust. You will have to BBQ more than once a year to practice. ;)

    That's nice that Alex's school is so flexible. Hopefully they will find a good solution for math, as that he will only continue to get more bored if he is not challenged more.

  2. I really like this grill. We may cook many things on it at once. I will grill more often in the future...especially once I get the hang of fishing :)

    We have multiple options to consider...and some things in the works for the near future. We are always working toward creating multiple future paths to our goals. Any way we go, Alex will reap the benefits. Some paths may take longer to walk..but all the paths lead up.


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